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The Transit connect Electric to be soon in Europe

Posted on May 31, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, Ford | No Comments
The Transit connect Electric to be soon in Europe The good news the Ford brings is the launch of the new Transit connect electric vehicle that is going to be launched in the European markets sooner. The ford has announced that Azure dynamics is soon going to form a final assembly to supply the European continent with the Transit electric that will start manufacturing in the summer of 2011. It was in the early march this year, Ford had announced its plan to launch the battery run electric van to be made available in the Europe the next year which would be followed by its North American launch in the end of 2010.   [...]

The surprising biodiesel affects of kosher foods

Posted on May 28, 2010 in Green News | No Comments
The surprising biodiesel affects of kosher foods Well, you are all wondering, what the heck? Do not worry even I questioned the same when I read it myself for the very first time. Until a decade back, no one actually knew that making biodiesel could cause major problems for the manufactures of kosher foods. Some of you might just wonder what is kosher? Lets have a quick run about what exactly kosher is. Kosher is the term used to designate a particular category of foods. The ingredients and manufacturing procedure of these foods should comply well with Jewish dietary laws. These are the laws that rabbi decides. Well, let us first take up a biodiesel-kosher food story. The research data   [...]

The new Buick Regals going Flex Fuel

Posted on May 27, 2010 in Buick Regal, Electric Vehicle, Green News | No Comments
The new Buick Regals going Flex Fuel All the Buick regal fans, be ready as the new 2011 versions are going to be flex fuel capable. The start of the fall is going to be really exciting as the first loads of Regals are already set off from Germany and some of them have already reached the shores of New Jersey. Some of the dealers are already displaying their new regals as a matter of pride. The first few months of the new Buick regals are exclusively going to be powered by gasoline only. The new gasoline versions are aspirated to be a 2.4 litre inline four. The month of August will see the engines, 2.4 and 2.0 liter that would be directly injecting in to turbo four. These machines would be capable of either running on E85 or gasoline. These turbo would be the first GM’s production with E85 capabilities that can be directly  [...]

E-Lavida for Chinese market

Posted on May 26, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, Green News, VolksWagen | No Comments
E-Lavida for Chinese market Now there is some great news for the Chinese market as Volkswagen has developed its plan to launch its first ever vehicle, the Lavida that is especially designed and developed for the Chinese market. The new E-lavida would be launched semi independent of the German manufacturer but the company designers are trying to put Lavida in its Electric vehicle category. Volkswagen has named its new EV strategy as e-Mobility. The CEO of Volkswagen group china has went on to say that e-Mobility strategy is going to be a great boon for the locals of china. The entire production of its new BlueMotion technology is going to be given to two Chinese local automakers in a joint venture. The Volkswagen group of china has solely committed to offer energy saving, innovative and environment friendly technologies  [...]

The French offering incentives to EV buyers

Posted on May 25, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
The French offering incentives to EV buyers Most of the countries around the world have already announced their plans to put electric vehicles on roads and as we see most of the deals start with the government of these countries agreeing to buy a particular numbers of electric vehicles suppose say X amount of EVs for supporting the cause of introducing Electric vehicles. The promise of buying electric vehicles shows the government’s belief in buying battery-powered technology. The deal also enhances the mutual ties amongst the key automakers and they are also provided with some incentives to carry on with their Electric vehicle research. The government of these countries also support the cause by talking and encouraging the infrastructural plans in need of Electric Vehicles. The French government has surely taken up such plans seriously  [...]

The first battery powered Golf by Volkswagen

Posted on May 24, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, VolksWagen | 1 Comment
The first battery powered Golf by Volkswagen It is seriously good news for Volkswagen lovers, as the company is soon planning to deliver its first batch of 500 Electric cars that works exclusively on battery-powered golf. The German transport minister Dr. Peter went for blue e-motion drive on May 1 with VW board member Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. The new batch of Electric cars would be deployed at the start of the next year for customers’ trials all around Germany. The new electric concept Golf is completely working on its base current model MK VI Golf. The model was converted with 26.5-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and 85-kilowatt traction motor. This particular combination in the new version is said to provide a good range of over 90 miles. The very first of Volkswagen Electric battery powered cars will be launched in the  [...]

Are electric vehicles, a complete waste of money

Posted on May 21, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
Are electric vehicles, a complete waste of money There is much uproar about electric vehicles and people everywhere are thinking of using them in near future. The industrial experts suggest that using electric vehicles are going to have much deeper impact, they are said to bring in reduction in the pollution levels of the environment. It’s a controversial thing to discuss about the electric cars when they actually start in to being. Its an added speculation to the already controversial electric cars, for now its nearly impossible to decide on its impact. It cannot be decided unless the time the electric cars actually enters every nook and corner of the market globally. According to the german environmental organization the government around the world is wasting money in doing EV research and some groups have also suggested withdrawing  [...]

No German subsidies for Electric Car

Posted on May 20, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
No German subsidies for Electric Car According to the automotive reports, Germany is not planning to take any plunge in providing subsidies for purchase of plug in vehicles. This was stated in the National Program for Electric Mobility at Berlin that the federal funds would instead be transferred towards the research and technological developments. The national program has already provided over €500 million in over 150 projects. Allowing the federal funds for technological developments is a better option rather than saturating the money in current battery technology in which lots of countries and organizations are involved.   [...]

The new Mitsubishi iMiEV

Posted on May 19, 2010 in Mitsubishi | No Comments
The new Mitsubishi iMiEV The new world of automotives has arrived offering you great electric vehicles that will produce less pollution globally. The last few months has seen some companies develop more electric vehicles to be available to the drivers. For some reasons, the shine of EV has come off as it was told in consumer reports. It was stated that a Mini E experienced some anxiety behavior in the cold weather. The state of southern California is one of the hottest markets for electric vehicles noting the fact that electric cars are more immune to the winter weather here. Los Angeles has a very dense traffic so it gets nearly impossible to drive the car at a constant speed. So most of the times it becomes a little problematic to measure the state of lithium ion batteries in the car.   [...]

GM’s new mountain mode update

Posted on May 18, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
GM’s new mountain mode update So we are all set to enter the world of Hybrids and with GM’s electric powertrain engineering the battle is already half won. The director of GM’s hybrid engineering, Larry Nitz had recently announced a Volt calibration drive on mountains. Larry said that the new model would be much more sporty than its previous model, and Volt would also have a mountain mode operation. The driver could select the mountain mode operation; this would surely ensure that the battery has more reserve than the general. This can be used while in an extended range mode.   [...]
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