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Reva Car The New Concept For Green World

Posted on November 26, 2010 in Green Cars | No Comments
Reva Car The New Concept For Green World Reva is the first eco friendly car of Indian auto market which has the potential to serve the E tech needs and requirements. Reva car is manufactured by the Reva electric car company private limited located in Bangalore. Lesser emission of carbon dioxide and greater level of fuel efficiency are the two main aspects which are highly reflected in this motor. The very first model of Reva was manufactured in the year 2001 which has been successfully rated at the highest as far as the lower rate and higher fuel economy is concerned. Reva is available in different trim levels and transmission sizes due to which calling this motor as technologically blessed E tech car is not a bad option. This is a unique and small size car which has no gear, no clutch factor in it that  [...]

Eco cars has environmental approach

Posted on November 24, 2010 in Green Cars | No Comments
Eco cars has environmental approach A concept to develop a highly usable and environmental motor is into the market as a new breed of Eco cars are into consideration. The eco motors are the one which has the power to emit lesser carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which in turn can help the atmosphere in a greater manner. Initially when the motor concept was introduced in this world there were different specifications of the same as compared to the one which is developed today. Focus on safety, comfort and convenience was placed in the previous scenario where as the aspect of focus is changed as now it is been placed on the part of eco friendly nature. The environment is at greater disadvantage by the auto industries and also due to the motors for this we have to reduce the use of this technologically blessed product of  [...]

2009 VW Jetta has the potential to lead

Posted on November 19, 2010 in VolksWagen | No Comments
2009 VW Jetta has the potential to lead While others were busy to see the Economical touch and performance of this master piece of Volkswagen we were busy focusing on the part of gasoline power which it provided with. The 2009 VW Jetta is not a car of compromise but it is car of creativity. The creativity is reflected in its improved performance, dazzling designing aspects and developing procedures.  Before moving further and talking about this motor in deep let us focus on the market conditions and opening areas it faced till date. When this most important market aspect of VW’s TDI Jetta is taken into consideration then we cannot afford  [...]

Honda Insight has an Eco friendly approach

Posted on November 17, 2010 in Honda | No Comments
Honda Insight has an Eco friendly approach Greater level of Hybrid technology is now into screen as Honda Insight is into the auto market. This is the power vehicle where the engine speaks the language of electric and plug-in factor. In simple terms a vehicle of E tech world is said to be the same. This model is burgeoned with powerful weapon of technology where the hybrid engine and integrated motor assist system is been highlighted. The first generation of this unified technical vehicle was designed and developed from the year 1999 to 2006 where as from 2009 the second generation came into existence. The second generation hybrid touch form of this specialized model was launched in its home country Japan and later on was supplied to other countries of the world. As compared to the first generation the second generation model of  [...]

Nissan leaf – Green name is enough

Posted on November 12, 2010 in Nissan | No Comments
Nissan leaf – Green name is enough A car of eco friendly nature which is not crucial to environment and also a car which have a soft heart towards environment is called as ‘Nissan leaf’. The electric engine of this motor is setting tradition which is similar to ancient aspect of work and that aspect is none other than being polite and soft towards the environment. Here we can see a clear cut scene, where a hand in hand walk is reflected. The walk of technology and environment which is a older concept but designed and brought up in a newer and convenient way named N-Leaf. Some have proved that  Nissan Leaf electric car is the best in the auto market where as many have experienced that this is not the best  electric car but a Best Car… Isn’t it a statement of silence which  [...]

Toyota Launches Recycling Programs for NiMH Battery

Posted on November 01, 2010 in News, Toyota | No Comments
Toyota Launches Recycling Programs for NiMH Battery From last many years, Nickel metal hydride batteries are not in use especially in powerful hybrid vehicles which are running on the roads. Hence, most dealers and manufacturer like Toyota are planning about reduction treatments of these batteries. The mechanism of this process involves sorting as well as crushing of materials which are stored in these batteries. At the end of this process, nickel is remained and it headed for the production of stainless steel. This whole system is really affordable and easy to do. Stainless steel is mainly used for manufacturing different varieties of components like to build exhaust system and regular or most  [...]

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