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Jilin in China is targeting 100,000 capacity of green autos by 2015

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Jilin in China is targeting 100,000 capacity of green autos by 2015 Jilin, a province in China, is targeting green energy automobile output capacity of about 100,000 units by the year 2015. This was said by an official at the Jilin’s department of information technology. The official also said that about half of the new energy automobiles will be in the form of electric vehicles. Right now, this place has about 100 hybrid electric buses which run on the road in Changchun and Lioyuan. By the year 2010, Changchun wants to have about a thousand new energy automobiles  [...]

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

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2008 Honda Civic Hybrid The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid is the revised version of the Honda Civic, which the Honda designers made in 2006. It is a highly radical and futuristic automobile that shares the same radical styling, with just a few negligible alterations that separate it from the list of the 2008 Honda Civic. The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid takes the look of the 2008 Honda Civic even further, with disc-like 15-inch alloy wheels integrated with low-rolling-resistance tires. There are side mirrors with built-in turn indicators with mild trunk spoiler, clear front turn signal lenses, small roof-mounted antenna and hybrid badging.   [...]

Dual fuel cars – the need of the hour

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Dual fuel cars – the need of the hour Yes, every one knows that the world is facing a crisis as regards fossil fuels and in this regard, a car or vehicle running on dual fuel mode is welcome. These are called as Dual fuel cars or dual fuel vehicles. These are different from bi-fuel vehicles in the aspect that bi-fuel vehicles have separate tanks for storage of their energy source whereas the Dual fuel cars have only one tank and this can take in both the fuels. The fuels usually used are gasoline mixed with methanol or ethanol. Believe it or not, the first car to use this technology was Ford Motors maiden venture, the Ford Model T. It ran on both ethanol as well as gasoline. This technology has now been adopted across the world however it can be safely said that North America still accounts  [...]

MDI air car – one of the best innovations

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MDI air car – one of the best innovations MDI air car is one of the best thought out projects regarding alternative fuel cars. There is nothing to lose in this car since it runs entirely on the principle of compressed air. One more innovation is in the way that the MDI air car can run purely on the compressed air or can be blended as a normal hybrid with diesel, gasoline or even ethanol. It also features regenerative braking. These car have fuel tanks or rather air tanks which are used to store air at a very high pressure of 4500 psi. The principle is the same as the yester years steam engine and compressed air when expanded drives the engine pistons. India’s Tata Motors, the ones who gave the world the cheapest car, the Tata Nano and the new owners of Jaguar Land Rover are amongst the first to suggest  [...]

State of California – Stricter than the Strictest

Posted on December 03, 2010 in Green News | No Comments
State of California – Stricter than the Strictest We all talk about going green but we nary know about the reason for going green. Some may say that it is due to the growing dependency on fossil fuels and some may argue that it is due to the environment getting polluted. The greenhouse effect that we all talk about is mainly the excess of No2, Co and many other gases which are causing a depletion of the ozone layer and hence causing many skin ailments. Across the world, all the countries are fighting to curb this happenings. However noteworthy amongst them would be the state of California in USA. It has by far the strictest emission regulation norms as found in the world.   [...]

Lots of green autos seen at Sacramento International Auto Show

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Lots of green autos seen at Sacramento International Auto Show The Sacramento International Auto Show of this year had a green theme woven around it. Apart from featuring a lot of 2011 models that were sold in Northern California, this show started off its 3 day run today at the Cal Expo and was laced with plenty of green automobiles which run on fuel other than traditional gasoline. The environmental friendly car lineup includes 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Chevrolet Volt which are two mainstream heavyweights which will be hitting showrooms all over very soon. The Volt is passenger vehicle having 110 volt charger onboard and it can be recharged  [...]

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