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Power AND Color Added to the 2010 Line-Up by Zero Motorcycles

The well known Zero Motorcycle featuring models such as S, DS, S, and MX, has made a big hit this year when they made the smart decision to add a huge splash of color to their line-up of 2010 models that to a large number of individuals is out of this world. Along with the addition of some dazzling colors, there have been several other tweaks that have been made to the Zero Motorcycle, which has given riders the added benefit of an increase in power, as well as much better acceleration.

The street modelsof the DS and S features a throttle response that provides motorcyclists with more control that is exact, and a ‘Z-Force Air Induction System’ that can help a great deal in the prevention of overheating problems. The speed on the S model has been raised to 67 mph. Another new item that is being featured this year is the seat options of selecting styles from custom Corbin. In using this increasingly popular name in motorcycle seat covers, the rider will benefit from a lower level of stand-over height, and a comfort level that has also been improved upon.

Among other well known names in the industry of motorcycles, Zebra Motorcycles has had an amazing start this year, so much so, that it is now known as global leader in the industry of electric motorcycles. The amazing performance enhancements that have been made to the street models, allow for riders to achieve a top speed that is much higher, as well as improved acceleration. A very impressive feature on these motorcycles not only includes the high-tech technology that has been used in feature improvements, but also in the color graphics that have been used. This is the first time that such amazing color graphics has been featured on Zero electric motorcycles.

“Zero Motorcycles continues to blaze the path for electric motorcycle technology. Our engineering team has revamped, redesigned and tested four models that have considerable improvements for 2010. The result is more power on the street, a new look and an unparalleled riding experience,” stated CEO of Zero Motorcycles, Gene Banma. “Demand in 2009 pushed us to aggressively expand our presence across the United States and around the world. The enhancements to this year’s models will resonate with both serious riders and casual motorcycle enthusiasts on a global level.”

The revolutionary Z-Force Air Induction System that is placed on the 2010 models S and DS, is a platform known for high performance. This system is well known for creating cell monitoring that is more precise. This type of system is beneficial because it produces a higher level of horsepower that is provided from more compact and lighter motors. The way that this is achieved, is it increases airflow directly through the center of the motorcycles motor. In using the technology of the new throttle, it provides the rider with handling that is second-to-none, increased acceleration, a higher level of power, and a power pack that provides longer power.

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