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Chevrolet Malibu hybrid – First Foray in Hybrid Segment

Posted on February 23, 2011 in Chevrolet | No Comments
Chevrolet Malibu hybrid – First Foray in Hybrid Segment The Chevrolet Malibu hybrid wrapped with mechanical twin similar to the Saturn Aura Hybrid car and is first foray that to introduce by the General Motors as Hybrid. The car is powered with gas engine that is further augmented by small motor electric. As we have seen other models in the Hybrid segment, the Malibu too promises with improved fuel economy that is generally passable with superior performance and hence offers all typical virtues. The Malibu Hybrid car is the one if you are looking for family sedan and that too with the combination of the Hybrid mechanism. The Malibu does not run totally on the electric version, the car is solely goes to propel and hence uses some power at the city speed to match the power performance. With the help of the Stop and Go Traffic  [...]

2012 Porsche Panamera Hybrid S to be Unveiled soon !!!

Posted on February 22, 2011 in Green News | No Comments
2012 Porsche Panamera Hybrid S to be Unveiled soon !!! No more secret by the Porsche that has found a new love in the production of the electrifying vehicle finally revealed their first hybrid model called 2010 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid. The car will offer high performance with teasing fans by the 918 Spyder and GT3 R hybrid. The Porsche surprised all the audiences present over there by unveiling Boxster Sports car powered with all electric version and hence they confirmed with soon for production.   [...]

Camry Hybrid – First Look for 2011 model

Posted on February 15, 2011 in Hybrid Vehicle, Toyota | No Comments
Camry Hybrid – First Look for 2011 model Wanna go for ride for Hybrid car that requires several type of sacrifice, though it may be anonymity, space or even performance. The entry of the Toyota’s Camry Hybrid has made a huge splash in the green market, which is the perfect blend which the buyers look. If it is totally judged on the merits, then the car is going to totally rock the floor as the best midsize sedan ever introduced by the Toyota. For the year 2011, the Toyota Camry is downgraded with former alloy wheels in term of steel ones with covering of plastic on the body. The Hybrid cars today has gathered so much attention among the buyers and to satisfy the customers  [...]

Volvo V60 Hybrid Wagon debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Posted on February 09, 2011 in Green News | No Comments
Volvo V60 Hybrid Wagon debut at the Geneva Motor Show The Swedish based company Volvo group was not in the news from many times and we were quite surprised when they debut the Volvo60 Hybrid Wagon at Geneva Motor Show. The all new Volvo Station Wagon, similar with the Volvo60 that used to be in the markets of 80s and 90s. The particular model was further replaced with the SUV era but still was more acknowledge by the buyers. But due to the fall in oil prices and crisis in the economics, the era of the SUV was not standing still and hence they got stuck some where in the market. The buyers are now looking for those SUVs or for the Hybrid Wagons that will help to save the gas. The hybrid version today comes with an ice on cake we can say, with well equipped material and outstanding features. This made the Volvo Group to put their hands  [...]
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