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The year 2012 brings in Cheapest Prius Plug-In Hybrid in the US

Posted on September 15, 2010 in Green News, Toyota | Write a review

These days there are lots of inventions and innovations happening in producing cleaner and greener tools, automobiles and other objects that puts less burden on the global environmental factors. While, most of the Hybrids are thought to be a costly affair they are said to have deeper implications and advantages in the longer run.  There are lots of speculations and arguments happening relating to the field of electric and hybrid vehicles, the battery powered electric vehicles are a matter of discussion globally. Toyota has recently unveiled its plan to come up with six new Hybrid cars by the year 2012, the company has decided to push back its launch date in the US for their first ever plug in hybrid vehicle.

According to the reports stated by Reuters, the Toyota company had planned its launch in the early 2012 but now with the dates zipping – the launch date has been postponed to May or June 2012. The first drive assessment made by several review groups, says that the car is fully battery powered, the batteries of which can be recharged using regenerative braking as a prototype option feature. The new plug-in hybrid would not be a complete electric drive car, it will using gasoline engine that could be switched on and off when you need to use it for the power demand or charging your batteries. The new high-end plug-in hybrid would be one of the top slated Prius models in whole of Toyota’s Prius range of cars. The product development Chief of Toyota, Takeshi Uchiyamada has stated that price of the new plug in model has been decided at the same current Prius range so that customers really think and buy the car. The company official states that this is the smart move and they deliberately choose to accept this strategy so that Prius range of car gain good brand equity across the markets of United States.

The price of the new plug in prius would be so market as the least expensive of all such vehicles in the US markets. The similar plug in vehicles currently available are 2011 Leaf priced at $32,780, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt at $41,000, the new Plug-in Prius could be cut down to as low as $28,000. The company also plans to bring in new six hybrid models that would essentially be hybrid models or the hybrid drive machine that would be installed with gasoline engines. The new breed of hybrids would consist of two from Lexus and four from Toyota. The recent upcoming Lexus Hybrid model is the new 2011 CT200h, it is compact luxury hatchback machine that comes with ES midsize near luxury sedan. The new hybrid model is being built on the components on which the earlier Toyota Camry has been built on.

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