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2013 new Launch – Chrysler 300 Hybrid car

Posted on January 19, 2011 in Green News

The Chrysler indulged in to new concept whether to launch new Hybrid cars or not. But recently, the Chrysler announced and stood up to come up with the new hybrid frenzy and electric car in the market. After the spiffing line of engines, the unappealing cars, the company is finally ready to set up new cars and that too hybrid. The engineers of the Chrysler are deeply looking for the Chrysler 300 Hybrid car that will be fully equipped with eight speed automatic transmission, as said by the ‘Sergio Marchionne’, the CEO of the company. The Chrysler is among the first American company who has stood up and finally decided to launch the hybrid version of cars till 2012.

The details for the Hybrid 300 is not yet been official announced, but the vehicle will be pairing with the internal combustion, along with electric motor. The fuel efficient for the current Chrysler offer well equipped engine with 2.7 L of fuel tank, along with V-6 engine that produces 178hp. The car offers 26 mph on the highway, whereas 18 mpg in the city. Keeping in mind the rising fuel prices, the automakers should take proper care to introduce the gas- electric technology for the hybrid cars on the broader aspects. The EPA ratings for the similar model has not yet been unveiled, but there might be possibilities that these cars are going to provide 3.6 L with V6 Pentastar engine that was read on highway at 26 mpg and in the city as 18 mpg.

Get ready to the Chrysler 300 Hybrid car which is going to be launch in the year 2013 with eight speed automatic transmission and the motor designs are to be expected similar to the Audi, Porsche, Hyundai, VW, and other brand companies. The inserted designs for the particular model are based on the single generator motor in between the transmission and engine, which will cost less and hence more components cane be used for the hybrid versions. The only thing they should work on the single motor generator which is been place in the car is not going to work on bothe the recharge battery and vehicle, that in later stage can create complications.

The Chrysler is well planned with several models in the Hybrid cars, which was announced by the ‘Mary Halprin’, she is the spokeswoman of the Chrysler Company. This seems that there are many surprises which are going to unveiled as the time pass by. After the proper planning, finally the company is well set with the good pickup hand in the production of Gas-Hybrid technology. Till 2014, there will be more improvement especially in the average fuel economy, as said by the Vice president of the Chrysler.

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