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Aerius – Wind Powered Hybrid Vehicle

Posted on January 05, 2011 in Toyota

“Toyota” is one of the worldwide leading companies in producing the hybrid vehicles and so is the “Aerius” car with power boost, popularly known among coolest cars in the industry. The uniquely modified with Pirus electric-gas hybrid vehicle make its first appearance in the year 2009 at SEMA show. The name ‘Aerius’ comes from the Latin word which means ‘air belonging’, the car with amazing design and integrates performance with the modifications done for the eco friendly elements. The replica of the Toyota Aerius is been donated to the EMA (Environmental Media Association) as the charity auction.

The Toyota Aerius car is built on the two generation for the 2010 Prius, with five axis designs crafted with Aero Kit four piece with the help of partially recycled materials and polyurethane, which is been manufactured by the 3D Carbon. The Aero kit includes side skirts, front lip spoiler, and rear lower valance. The Kit was again redesigned and tested with aerodynamically tested with the help pf CFD i.e. Computational Fluid Dynamics, again a software manufactured by the Swift Engineering. This was been introduced in order to maintained the remarkable features of Pirus by dragging 0.25 coefficient.

The paint for the exteriors of car has been done by the CDSA (Nippon Color Design Studio America) for the both Pirus and Aerius models. The CDSA make a great use by introducing the environmentally sensitive technology in order to produce a layer of three coat color including blue-green, along with Lumina pigment resembles to the color of sky and airiness. The car is been made with involvement of 80 percent materials that are non-petroleum, featuring leaf like graphics and special tread. The tires of the car are unique with five axis configurations such as AD S6: F, AD wheels, smooths riding, which covers and clears the coefficient drag at proper level.

The rear and side glass for both the vehicles ‘Aerius’ and ‘Pirus’ offers Automotive Window film of Crystalline, with the touch of latest technology from the 3M. Because of the special window facilities, the passengers get more comfort and safety level, along with blocking of 99.0 percent UV lights. The designs provided to the seatback and bolster is made up of Polyurethane – Ultra fabrics. The Audio entertainment is been upgraded with Pioneer Premium of 900 Watt, audio system of 10 speaker and two sub woofers of 10 inch, 5.25 inch of rear components speaker and 6.75 inch in the front. The seats used in the models can be recycled, so as to make the cosmetic cases and business cards within the left over parts and is been donated to the local traders.

The both models offered by the Toyota include special detailing for the Car kit including 100 percent products that are eco- friendly, also packaged within the bag leftover at the car show.

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