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The latest Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 MultiAir review

Posted on September 03, 2010 in Alfa Romeo, Green News

The significance of green or electric vehicles can never be lessened as they provide greater benefits to humans and also to the environment. With the new MultiAir engine technology, it gives power packed performance along with extravagant features. The new Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 MultiAir is equipped with 135 bhp petrol engine that is over 12.5% more power than other similar engines. The new Alfa Romeo delivers superb economical benefits that counts at over 10% less, the machine is said to produce over less C02 gases compared to other standard similar category vehicles. The machine delivers superb benefits; with over 12% more power giving you better fuel consumption and C02 emissions. There is nothing in this machine to actually dislike, with its superior performance it is better off than similar vehicles you might be looking to buy.

The machine is a powerful 1.4-turbocharged-petrol engine that is available with different versions. The new MiTo’s top speed stands at 135 bhp and the machine engine can rev up to from 0 – 62 mph in a matter of just 8.2 seconds. The power Alfa Romeo gives 152 lb ft of torque at the RPM level of 1750. The CO2 emissions are in level at 129g/km. Driving this car is definitely a pure fun with all the normal features of the usual car with suspension, throttle, steering control and dynamic features at its place. The new Alfa Romeo’s top of the line model, Cloverleaf features a fabulous active suspension in a good stead giving extra zest to the drivers of the machine. The newly fixed six speed manual gearbox options help you greatly to give you superior performance and good economical average. But you had be a little upset to see it getting notching up while you drive the car in the second gear. You might also find it a little weird to see the power steering being assisted electrically, you can expect to work the positive brakes along with the front and rear discs options, the car is ventilated from the front.

The overall feel of the new Alfa Romeo gives it an upper class look and is definitely an attention grabber from the related or similar type of Euro cars. You can watch the best distinct view from the rear end; there are different color choices you can select from and you would definitely like the black color giving you the best look of the car. The styling of the new machine gives it an exotic look that takes it base styling apprehensions from the Alfa 8C competizione. The comfort levels offered here are pretty much good with feel easy cabins made available in some of its trims. There is good amount of legroom in the front seat legroom along with good driving positions; you can avail of the extra optional features of cruise control, heated windscreen and Xenon headlights. The official mpg of the machine stands at 38.2 for the city roads and 62.8 mpg on the highways.

The new Alfa Romeo is a sporty car made especially for the sporty people to give you the feel of modern life and the demands made by our lifestyles. The new machine has higher amount of fuel efficiency as also the best modern technological features available in the car that makes your life better. The start and stop technological devices used helps to avoid environmental damage emissions as it also brings drastic change in the levels of noise engines produce. The Veloce models in the new machine come equipped with standard settings of a media player with USB port, sports dials giving you white illumination, hands free voice recognition, 17 inch alloy wheels, silver color wing mirrors, rear light surrounds, headlights, red front and rear brake callipers and leather upholstery. It’s a super mini car with three doors; you can opt for any of its trim including the Veloce trim, the Lusso trim and the Cloverleaf trims.

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