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Another Crash Occurs in New York From Acceleration of a Prius

Reports have been made that in New York, there has been yet another popular hybrid of the Toyota Company that ended up unintentionally accelerating, just a day after a high-profile accident that occurred that involved a Prius owner losing control of the vehicle in the area of Southern California. This time however, the vehicle rammed into a stone wall, instead of the driver ultimately gaining control over the vehicle as the day before. Fortunately, the operator was simply backing out of the driveway of her home located in Harrison, NY. The 56 year old owner of the vehicle did not suffer from any type of life-threatening injuries as the vehicle began to accelerate across the street. A police chief did however state that the crash caused the flying of “some pretty big boulders” to occur.

In both of these cases the accelerator becoming trapped underneath the floor mat of the vehicle has been completely ruled out as being the cause of the accident. The accident that involved the 2005 Prius even reportedly had plastic ties that had the floor mats tied down to the seat base.

Although there was a recall that occurred earlier with the 2004 to 2009 makes of the Toyota Prius for floor mats that possibly cause the entrapment of the vehicle’s accelerator, the Japanese manufacturing company does not have a cure ready for the problem as of yet. This is a huge project that may include a replacement of the floor mats, altering the existing shape of the car’s floor, and reshaping the vehicle’s pedals. These automobiles however, are not involved in the major recall that is underway at this time, which involves the sticking that is occurring of the drive-by-wire assemblies of the accelerator pedal, due to normal wear and other types of conditions of the environment.

This means that the two Prius incidents do not have any type of obvious reason as to why unintended acceleration occurred. Although the Toyota Company does have plans to join the United States government and California into the investigation as to the failure of the first vehicle. However, there has been no comment by Toyota as to whether or not they plan to investigate the New York vehicle failure.

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