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Are electric vehicles, a complete waste of money

Posted on May 21, 2010 in Electric Vehicle

There is much uproar about electric vehicles and people everywhere are thinking of using them in near future. The industrial experts suggest that using electric vehicles are going to have much deeper impact, they are said to bring in reduction in the pollution levels of the environment. It’s a controversial thing to discuss about the electric cars when they actually start in to being. Its an added speculation to the already controversial electric cars, for now its nearly impossible to decide on its impact. It cannot be decided unless the time the electric cars actually enters every nook and corner of the market globally. According to the german environmental organization the government around the world is wasting money in doing EV research and some groups have also suggested withdrawing from EV initiatives. They have also stated that governments are plundering money in Electric vehicles that are not going to have much impact on the environment.

The head of the environmental group, Juergen Resch have instead suggested to focus on the efficiency of combustion engines compared to the electric cars. According to him, the electric vehicles will pollute the environment even more than it is ideally thought of. The main reason is that electric vehicles make much use of coal to generate electricity that is indirectly going to effect the environment. It is known fact to the people, that electric vehicles are going to have profound change to the environment and that globally it is going to benefit the earth. We should not be bothered from where the electricity comes in, the only concept is to produce the electric machines that will pollute less environment and cause less harm to natural resources of the world.

By greater inventions, we can design a tool to generate electricity without burning coal or other forms of such things. The power can somehow be generated from cleaner technologies like using the hydropower and other such modes.

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