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Barcelona to Host the EMXGP Inaugural Race This Coming October

EMXGP took part in an extensive amount of research before they finally released a venue and revised date that informed the launch of EMXGP 2010 will take place in Barcelona. October 16th and 17th are the dates that you will need to mark on your calendar. This date is beneficial to teams because it gives them the opportunity to have extra practice time and become more developed before they attack the roads and follow through on the promise to build a road race for the city that includes the use of zero carbon vehicles. This will be a demonstration that shows you do not have to end up in a slow race just because you make the decision to go green. This is an event that is expected to be very exciting and start a new beginning for facing cars. The race is the start of a week’s worth of exciting activities that surround on and off road sustainable technological development that has been made.

On October 19th and 20th, are the dates that a Zero Carbon Transport Conference will be held, which will give individuals the opportunity to explore the wide variety of dimension that the automotive industry has taken an interest in. This event will be a worldwide gathering of many different enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders that will have the advantage of being able to make new partners, share solutions to various problems, as well as ideas. The bridges that can ultimately be built among international communities can end up having a big impact on how we live. They will engage in an examination of developments, problems with the energy crisis, share ideas, and debate differences in solutions.

The final event of the week is the TTXGP Grand Final that will occur in Albacete on the 23rd and the 24th of October. This is an event that will conclude a full 9 days of an intense look into the future of auto racing that includes on track and off track racing. eGrandPrix of 2010 is expected to be one of the biggest gatherings in history of zero carbon racing of motorsports. It will provide a platform for the motorsport industry to show the best that they can offer in ways of a timely solution to various challenges that are faced in the industry.

Full details of the conference, ticketing, sponsorship opportunities will be announced shortly. The rules will be published shortly but like the TTXGP, they will be focused on safety and will allow innovation and the freedom to innovate and create the best racing experience as possible.

They plan to release further information regarding the week in Barcelona with the EMXGP very soon. This is certainly going to be a week that many people will not want to miss out on, as it is considered as being the next chapter in the world of motorsports.

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