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Beijing 2010: ZAP introducing EV on the base model of Rav4

Posted on April 26, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | Write a review

As we, all know Beijing Auto Show going to be the one of the largest and biggest auto show in the world. Many big automakers are listing their names to showcase their creation in this event. The most oldest provider of EVs, ZAP, is all set to debut its latest electric taxi. The CEO of the ZAP, at the Chinese press conference, unveiled its creation and it’s all set to make its appearance in the Beijing Auto Show. This electric taxi is made by a united venture of Zap and Holley Group, electric meter producer.

The taxi might look similar to some, as it is made on base model of the Jonway A-380 SUV. And its Toyota’s Rav4 second generation of model year 2001-05 knock off vehicle. This electric taxi runs 70 miles per hour and the automakers claims that it will give average of 186 miles.

But we won’t see the electric taxi sooner in the U.S. as the target market is the Asian countries and campuses. This EV baby is 100 per cent electric vehicle with zero emission pollutant and plus, it’s very easy to control and drive it than any other gasoline vehicle. The ZAP wants to launch it in Beijing Auto Show as the Chinese has always liked and love eco-friendly vehicles which are small.

They are targeting the Asian countries as well as intra campuses such as military camps, college campus, business campus; etc because an idling engine produces twenty times more pollution than the working one. In campuses especially this types of electric taxis will be very beneficiary as it will save cost of fuel, transportation from one place to another will be easy, and idling of the engine won’t contribute in the environmental pollution. The ZAP’s electric car runs on lithium-ion battery system technology and also have latest integrated AC.

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