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Its Testing Time for the eVito Taxi

Posted on April 01, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, Mercedes Benz | No Comments
Its Testing Time for the eVito Taxi In February of this year, the electric version prototype of the Vito Taxi that is produced by Mercedes-Benz was unveiled, and now it is time to begin a wide variety of exciting tests on the real road. Although the beginnings for the eTaxi all began with the donor vehicle that was provided from the well known Mercedes-Benz automobile manufacturer, there are several different British technology companies that are responsible for the slick design of the plug-in taxi, and would include Mercedes-Benz UK, Zytek, Penso, and Valence Technology. In part, the electric Taxi is also being funded by the UK Government’s Advantage  [...]

Mercedes-Benz Plans to go All-Hybrid with S-Class Models

Posted on March 31, 2010 in Mercedes Benz | 1 Comment
Mercedes-Benz Plans to go All-Hybrid with S-Class Models It has been learned through information on Mercedes-Benz that the popular manufacturing company has plans for their S-Class next generation vehicles to be all-hybrid. However, this does not include the AMG models. It looks like by the time the year 2012 rolls around; the S-Class that features gas-only will be the company’s arm exclusive preserve. When it comes to the United States, there has been no talk as of yet that the German manufacturer plans to provide both hybrid and regular versions of the same model.   [...]

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