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2011 Touareg hybrid – Take a First Drive

Posted on February 08, 2011 in VolksWagen | No Comments
2011 Touareg hybrid – Take a First Drive The highly anticipated 2011 Touareg hybrid SUV introduced by the Volkswagen is finally in to the market with quite positive response from the car lovers. The Touareg Hybrid is powered with diesel at counter parts and gasoline that is been introduced with the second generations. No doubt there is more demand for the Hybrid cars in the industries, and this is the major reason for the increase in unit models in green car. Infact there are many manufacturing companies who in the company future will totally be in the production of the Green cars. This shows that the fade for the Green car is on full swing and you will be amaze with several models introduced by preeminent manufacturers.   [...]

2009 VW Jetta has the potential to lead

Posted on November 19, 2010 in VolksWagen | No Comments
2009 VW Jetta has the potential to lead While others were busy to see the Economical touch and performance of this master piece of Volkswagen we were busy focusing on the part of gasoline power which it provided with. The 2009 VW Jetta is not a car of compromise but it is car of creativity. The creativity is reflected in its improved performance, dazzling designing aspects and developing procedures.  Before moving further and talking about this motor in deep let us focus on the market conditions and opening areas it faced till date. When this most important market aspect of VW’s TDI Jetta is taken into consideration then we cannot afford  [...]

Volkswagen hybrid plans for US market by the year 2018

Posted on August 01, 2010 in Green News, VolksWagen | 2 Comments
Volkswagen hybrid plans for US market by the year 2018 Volkswagen has long been proclaiming that going Diesel is a much better options than producing Hybrid cars. The diesel machines are said to be truly efficient and offers great practical uses. It is difficult to get that concept in the US as people are used to being noisy and using the smelly cars. The company VW has overcome that image with Jetta TDI, the car that is changing directions. It was stated by VW chairman Dr. Martin in the recent Electronics Research Lab in Palo Alto that in the near future Volkswagen would come out with technology that would beat even the electric cars of today. Referring to its earlier Bettle model the doctor said that VW has plans to bring out electric cars for everybody. According to the research as stated by him, the hybrid and electric vehicles will almost  [...]

E-Lavida for Chinese market

Posted on May 26, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, Green News, VolksWagen | No Comments
E-Lavida for Chinese market Now there is some great news for the Chinese market as Volkswagen has developed its plan to launch its first ever vehicle, the Lavida that is especially designed and developed for the Chinese market. The new E-lavida would be launched semi independent of the German manufacturer but the company designers are trying to put Lavida in its Electric vehicle category. Volkswagen has named its new EV strategy as e-Mobility. The CEO of Volkswagen group china has went on to say that e-Mobility strategy is going to be a great boon for the locals of china. The entire production of its new BlueMotion technology is going to be given to two Chinese local automakers in a joint venture. The Volkswagen group of china has solely committed to offer energy saving, innovative and environment friendly technologies  [...]
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