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Cheap gas hampers the success of Electric Vehicles in the US

Posted on July 14, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, Green News | Write a review

The greener technologies used in car today have lots of cheer about but not if the gas prices remain low for a longer period of time. The US citizens are insanely enjoying the fruits of low gasoline prices while the rest of the world is paying higher amount to enjoy the same fruits. Though, it may sound good to be at low prices in longer run, it will equally diminish the need for anyone to switch to electric vehicles. Americans are going to gain least out of the newly introduced electric vehicles if the gas prices continue to stay low.

While the developing countries where the prices of gasoline are too high have a good reason to switch to electric vehicles, Americans would hardly want to switch to electric vehicles because the costing factor is almost the same. The European countries have strong incentives to choose an Electric vehicle as they can save thousands of dollars per year saving on gas powered vehicles by switching to an electric vehicle. If the prices of gasoline consistently remain low in the United States, the hybrid technology is going to make least changes to the global warming happening across the globe.

Other developed nations like France, Japan and Great Britain would equally benefit by converting their cars to electric ones. Sensibly, most of the people are expected to switch to electric cars but majority of them would not like to as their gas-powered cars gives them equal returns.

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