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China is all set to make it Big in the Beijing Auto Show 2010

Posted on April 16, 2010 in News

There is lot of hype going on in the west about Ferrari unveiling its fastest racecar for road, the 599 GTO, first time in the Beijing Auto Show on the April 25. But there is more surprises stored for the world’s automotive crazy fans in this eastern side.

Undoubtedly, marquee has produced a remarkable and impressive powertrain, Ferrari 599 GTO. It has notable V12 engine pushing 670 horsepower and tops st the speed of 208 mph. so it’s clear that 599 GTO is going to strike many interests of the people in the Beijing Auto Show.

But in this burgeoning car market of Chinese, this world’s fastest racecar, Ferrari 599 GTO, looks very small. The Chinese car market sale is predicted to reach to 17 million units, thus becoming the largest market in the world. This prediction is based on the report shown of 25 percent of jump in the sale of 2010 happening from 2009’s. Also in the March month, Chinese car market sale increased suddenly by 63 percent in twelve-monthly. In reality, the market size in China makes the cars most impressive.

89 world premiers will be held in the Auto China 2010, which challenges the huge shows held by the Geneva and Detroit. The auto show is going to be huge as exhibition floor space of 200,000 square meters is going to boast more than 990 vehicles in its Beijing International Exhibition Centre.

What brands you can expect in this massive auto show in Beijing? Well Volvo’s new owner Geely is having the largest domestic exhibition of his brand. It’s putting their 39 models in the stand as well as classic British black cab, Englon TXN, replica. Also, its much waited luxurious sedan, Emgrand EC825, is all set to be launched in this show.

Even the china’s largest SUV manufacturer, Great Wall, will launch their Hover H6 SUV in the domestic market. The Chinese market will have optional 2.4 liter petrol and 3.0 liter diesel engine in the Hover. Europeans will also now enjoy Hover’s little brother, the H5, soon.

There is big list of brand manufacturers eager to tap on such massive auto show. The General Motors, a foreign automaker who conquered the auto market of china, is getting ready to display its 25 new and updated models by the end of 2011. Rumors are going on its planning to launch its new MPV in the show. GM’s competitor, Ford, is busy touring around the world for its Ford Focus and its Ford Edge is expected to debut in the Chinese market.

This time Beijing Auto Show in China is going to exceed for two more days i.e. from April 25-May 2, 2010, in order to meet the demand of such big brands.

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