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Delaware Plant – New Site for Producing 100,000 Plug-In Hybrids

A presentation that was held at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and given by the CEO of Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker, during the recent annual dinner of the company, discussed Karma and the plans for his company in Delaware to begin building plug-in vehicles, which are more commonly known by many individuals in the automotive industry as PHEVs.There were more than 450 individuals from his new plant and from the surrounding community that attended the presentation and listening to Fisker describe the Project Nina vehicle that would soon be in the works. Fisker’s plans are to build the lower-cost plug-in hybrid named Nina from his company in Delaware. The expected price tag on this vehicle is about $50,000.

It was stated in reports of the local news that during an environmental assessment, progression of the plant was running very smoothly and there had been no major problems that have occurred. Full production of the plant producing 100,000 vehicles per year is not scheduled until 2014. However, prototypes of the hybrid could begin production as soon as next year. Fisker made sure that consumers knew about the 45 dealerships that are located throughout the United States, which also included the plant located in Union Park in Wilmington, DE. He also expects the PHEVs sold will do very well in the China and Europe area. Other information Fisker released at the presentation was about the Karma prototype. He stated that Karma, which impressed many people of Laguna Seca as it drove around the track, cost $1.5 million dollars.

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