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Dodge Ram – Being Reconsidered for Lineup of Light-Duty Diesels

Posted on March 17, 2010 in Dodge | Write a review

An all-new light-duty engine for the Dodge Ram pickup trucks has been the topic of interest in discussions that have been restarted between Dodge and Cummins about a continuation of the development of these trucks. At the 2010 NTEA Work Truck Show, Chrysler Vice President of product planning, Joe Veltri, said “We’re in discussions with Cummins, there’s no contract [with Cummins] but [a light-duty diesel] is in our plan.” Veltri also made a comment saying, “Think about it, ‘Could I also put it into a three-quarter-ton truck? Does every guy need a 6.7-liter diesel?’ It could certainly package in a heavy duty,”

Since 1989 diesel engines that are used in the heavy-duty Dodge Ram pickup trucks have been supplied by Cummins. If a light-duty diesel can be delivered to consumers, Chrysler would then hold uniqueness in the full-size truck segment. Consumers would benefit from a much more appealing fuel economy with a smaller motor, as compared to the 6.7-liter six-cylinder Ram of today, for both light and heavy-duty selections.

Because of gas engine alternatives and the high cost involved in this type of production, Toyota, Ford, and GM have made the decision to postpone the development of programs that are similar to Chrysler’s plans. Although Veltri agrees that the cost can be very challenging, he also feels that the company would benefit from the production of diesel engines being placed in Ram trucks, if he can successfully demonstrate to the consumers that these trucks will provide them with a resale value that is higher, and they would also benefit from maintenance costs that are lower.

Because diesel engines are as much as 30% more efficient that what is provided with a gas powered engine, fuel economy standards that are more aggressive are expected to be put in place between now and 2016. This may be the perfect time for Chrysler to begin the production of a full-size pickup truck that offers fuel efficiency, such as would be provided with a Ram light-duty diesel truck.

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