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Eco Driving – Vehicle and Environment Friendly

Posted on January 25, 2011 in Green News

Eco Driving the term itself give you and idea which is related to the ecosystem and environment that not only suits your vehicle. It makes the drive in order to reduce the green house emission gas, fuel consumptions, noise levels and accident rates. Hence there is quite positive impact for both driver as you and as well as for the environment. As the prices for the petrol are on the rise, it is more important to save the cost on the fuels, also how to maximize mpg in vehicles is been considered by many drivers and hence you will come across many companies who are more in producing the eco friendly vehicles in the industry.

Green driving or Eco Driving is all about the need reduce negative impact which is been created on the environment through the vehicle. Right from the maintenance and by looking small small changes can make you aware of the eco friendly benefits. The benefits such as it can help in reducing the greenhouse gases, improves air quality overall, helps to reduce demand and use if such non – renewable fuel economy, ambient noise levels are been reduced and also reducing brake pads and tyres can also be benefited to suit the environment. The mention were the benefits which can be driven by the vehicles, now will take a look on how it can benefit the drivers. It reduces the stress, increases safety, reduce tear and wear of the vehicle, lower insurance costs, less spend on maintaining the vehicle, reduce running costs and the most important that the driver will contributes in order to preserve the environment.

The first thing to be the part of the Eco Driving is to look some things very carefully. For example if you own a car, make sure that it is been check every year, so as to ensure it is working properly without damaging the surrounding. Don’t overlook the tyres of the car; as if they are more inflated it might cause wastage in the fuel. In order to save the fuel consumption, make sure you don’t carry unnecessary loads. Besides these you can use Hybrid cars, Bio cars such as GTL, LPG and Electric cars. They have the property to hailed in order to save more fuel and helps to the environmental problems that is been released by the normal cars.

As far as individual contribution is been considered about the Eco Driving, it helps in saving not only reducing emissions and fuel consumption, but also saving your enough money. Driving slowly helps the vehicle to save approx. 25 % of fuel economy, if it has been driven at 50 m/hr, accelerating gently and proper barking also helps to save polluted atmosphere. If your are more fade about using Air condition while driving, then let me tell you that it do makes a good contribution in polluting the environment. So make sure you use little as possible, which indirectly saves the fuel consumption. The important thing which you should look forward are the proper plans before going on long journeys like proper routes, this will a great contribution in order to help the environment and save money on fuels.

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