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Electric Vehicle and its Future in America

Posted on April 30, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | Write a review

The oil we burn each day, have you ever given a thought where do we get so much of oil? The USA import 60 percent of oil from other countries, which is really a waste to out country economically as well as environmentally. At that, time we didn’t had any options for transportation, in order to save fuel and environment and then a miracle happen, Tesla was a boom to us. Formally, only the engineers, doctors and high-profile personalities could own home computers, mobiles and other expensive stuffs. Tesla noticed its market and made available to all of us.

In order to make first eco-friendly car, Tesla was the first American company to hit it right. After the attempts of Tucker, Deloren and other companies in order to create according to the need of the people, Tesla came into the picture of expanding its new sedan family.

With so much of Copenhagen and global warming talks taking place world wide, why are we still importing oil and polluting the environment more? Why we can’t stop using it, once and for all? Because we don’t have much options to look forward to, hybrids, and EVs are just small steps towards reducing level of emission of gases, that too at minimum level. Plus, whatever hybrids and EVs introducing in the US market are all imported such Toyota Prius – Japanese automaker, VW – German manufacturer, Renault- French automaker, and other manufactures who are inventing hybrids and EVs that are more superior. But why can’t American lead the automobile industry? Is it because price of the gas/oil/diesel is at minimal rate than anywhere else or because government provides us energy and fuel by artificial means at low?

In America, just sitting at home you can produce wind and solar energy. As well, electricity can be produce from twenty percent of natural gas, fifty percent of coal, even by wind, hydro, and solar. You will be shocked to see the national GRID at night; it is at the highest use which power companies make lot of profit in selling them. Even to cut down the use of coal, nuclear and hydro isn’t possible, even if it’s at minimal use.

So the only choice we are left with us to run the vehicle is electricity. We do have other natural choices such as veggie oil, natural gas, bio-diesel, ethanol and many other, but such advance technology is still to be perfected by many automakers, plus such as technology even if discovered will be able to give better mileage and performance. Ethanol is used in some vehicles with mixture of gasoline in the hybrid cars. Even the GM for its 2012 model year vehicle is using E85 flex-fuel.

The fossil fuel based vehicles engine like petrol and diesel just gives 15 percent of efficient energy and 85 per cent of it is wasted. Whereas, the electric vehicle is the only vehicle which utilizes complete electric energy without emitting toxic gases. As well, it makes energy while stopping and starting or idling out.

If we calculate the cost between the electricity and gallon of gas, it has a vast gap. For instance, 10 KwH of electricity is equal to energy produced by a gallon of gas. If electricity cost 8 cents then 10 KwH will cost you 80 cents i.e. $3. And if you use the electric vehicle for shorter distance and less traffic jams then it will cost of half of it.

The electric cars made in USA such as Myers Motors Duo made in Ohio, Tesla – made in California, aptera in CA, the Nissan LEAF – made in Tennessee, all have a good future in US. As the 2010 DOE is planning to cut down subsidies on oil, eventually, the demand of these electric vehicles will grow gradually. Thus, everything will work out for both environment and economic of the country.

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