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F3DM Plug-In Hybrid of BYD to be Sold to Private Consumers

Posted on April 01, 2010 in Hybrid Vehicle | Write a review

March 29th is the date set for the F3DM, the dual-mode electric vehicle (EV) being produced by BYD Auto, to become available to private buyers, and Shenzhen, China, the Guangdong Province will be the first sales location of the automobile. This could very well symbolize China’s progress in the universal process of the production of electric vehicles that are dual-mode. The main goal that the engineers and manufacturers of the EV would like to see achieved, is the integration of the benefits that are provided to consumers that choose to purchase this type of vehicle, that would include the advantages of high tech electronics, energy, and battery use. One of the most important benefits is that it has the ability to cause environmental-friendly factors and it can also enhance the goals of low-carbon. It is expected by numerous individuals inside the industry to see the plug-in hybrid to be offered at reasonable prices that are hard to beat.

The latter part of 2008 is when the dual-mode F3DM electric vehicles were released on the market, and they are vehicles that you can drive in either hybrid mode, or electric mode. You end up spending only one-fourth the cost that it takes to drive other cars in its class.

The location in Shenzhen, China, is one of the first 13 cities of the company to begin to implement the sales of the new energy vehicles that are very well known for energy-saving. By the year 2012, this location hopes to see as many as 24,000 of the vehicles driving around on the roads, and by the year of 2015, they have the hopes of being able to see as many as 100,000 of the plug-in hybrids driving around.

For the improvement of purchases made on the F3DM of the BYD company, it is expected that Shenzhen’s local government will consider the option of offering consumers subsidies when they choose to purchase this hybrid vehicle. BYD and the government of Shenzhen has gained more confidence that they will be able to take advantage of the benefits in EVs. This is because in 2010, in two different sessions, the minister of information and industrial technology, Li Yizhong, made the comment that subsidies for the new plug-in hybrids were a topic of discussion. This could mean the circulation of as much as tens of thousands of yuan.

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