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The first drive 2011 Chevrolet Volt review

Posted on October 01, 2010 in Chevrolet, Electric Vehicle

The world has seen tremendous pull on hybrid green vehicles, some are electrical while some run on gas, the latest to be unveiled is 2011 Chevrolet Volt that boasts of an attractive cabin with well equipped system options. The machine has low fuel consumption with good driving experience, it has been historical evidence that no single car has been produced or developed the way new 2011 volt has does. The new Volt is a normal car that delivers good output, the mechanics of the machine are different and are engineered to be in sync with electric modes of the machine. The new Volt feels more like a traditional car with its good quality design and feel of the machine. The new Volt may not look as compact or sleek as the way the original concept of the machine was, it still counts under the category of a handsome car. The interior design of the machine is cool with good and better functionality features.

If you go by the traditional concepts of the cars, then the new Chevy is not really an electric car, it is a concept machine that could be technically termed as “series plug-in hybrid” machine. The series plug in hybrid machine worlds like any other electric vehicle and it gives the output of 150 hp and 273 lb ft torque, it comes equipped with lithium ion battery. The car is fitted with 1.4 liter four cylinder gasoline engine that acts a power generator. The machine adds 30 hp more power to it in an aggressive acceleration sport mode. The new Volt can cruise at low speed range of 40 miles while it may require gasoline engine every few months so as to maintain the engine and the fuel system of the machine. The GM once stated that the machine can give an estimated 230 mpg but I suspect whether if it is really true because of the dual nature of the new Volt machine. The new Volt solely runs on electricity and much of its range depends on the road driving conditions such as the traffic, the driving style and the grades. You would clearly be amazed to think then how did GM gets its 230 number, you can clearly achieve the prescribed mpg number only if you drive the machine in a specific manner, it is equivalent to the amount of actual gasoline burned. The estimated highway range of the machine stands at 340 miles.

The new 2011 Chevy volt is almost the same size as that of Toyota Prius but it has got smaller cabin, the machine comes with just four seats, the rear middle seat is occupied by the cupholders and a small bin is placed at the top of T-shaped battery pack. The vehicle is less versatile compared to the other similar machine as it also misses out on the center armrest. The machine has same size headroom as could be seen in the Prius model. The new Volt features 10.6 cubic feet of cargo capacity as in hatchback. Although lots of people are hands on with the new Volt, the reality is something else as the critics have suggested that the machine needs more practical design, it needs to be traditional in nature with aerodynamic features. The machine provides good interior features with unique trim options.

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