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Flex-Fuel Vehicles to be introduced in Australia Later in 2010

A result of a recent announcement that has been made regarding a consortium that was formed between a variety of leading manufacturing companies and the Victorian State Government, it looks as if green fuel technology will be making its way to Victoria by way of a plant that is to be built. The goal of the consortium formed between Coskata, Holden, Mitsui, Caltex, and Veolia is to research and study the benefits of building the first ethanol plant in Australia that will have the ability to continuously turn such household materials as building waste and rubbish into as much or more than 200 million liters of ethanol in a period of one year. The plan is to blend ethanol in an alternative fuel that is known as E85 in overseas areas, which is a mixture that is comprised of 15% regular petrol and as much as 85% of ethanol.

Richard Marshall, the Director of Holden Energy and Environment has stated that the consortium members stand by the commitment of sustaining motoring by increased development that is made with renewable fuels that have the ability to improve the security of energy, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Marshall stated that “Our vision is that this technology will, in time, cut Australia’s dependence on petrol by up to 30 percent and make a major contribution to sustainable motoring and greenhouse gas reduction.” He also stated that later on in 2010, the introduction of flex-fuel automobiles that are to be produced locally and will have the ability to run on high-ethanol fuel, will be made by Holden.

According to statements made by Marshall, it has always been their scope to hold a leading position in bio-fuels, and produce vehicles that are capable of running on fuel of high ethanol content. The plan is to have vehicles that run on E85 available to consumers in 2010. The target is to use alternatives of Australian fuel, produce vehicles for the Australian market, and to have the vehicles built by Australians.

Part of the worldwide sustainability of GM and the diversity offered in energy strategies, is due to the continued leadership provided by Holden in providing Australia with alternative fuels. GM is well known as a leader in producing flex-fuel in the United States, producing consumers with more than 3.5 million vehicles that are E85 capable.

Andy Walz, Caltex Australia’s General Manager of Marketing said that an agreement has been signed with Holden that will result in the installation of 30 pumps in various regional and metropolitan service stations that would ensure consumers of the availability of needed fuel. This will occur later in the year, increasing the number of pumps to 100 in as little as 12 months.

Just like the Director of Holden Energy and Environment, all of the other firms that are involved in this project also hold a high level of Aussie pride.

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