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Ford F-150 Produced By ALTe is Unveiled at 2010 Work Truck Show

At the NTEA, National Truck Equipment Association Work Show and Green Truck Summit, ALTe LLC, an electric power-train company that is based in Michigan, took advantage of its opportunity to unveil their electric vehicle conversion of the Ford F-150 range-extended demonstrator. Although they have been developing a series of conversion models of both light and medium-duty electric vehicle power-train systems, they do have plans for producing these trucks on an OEM basis.

The plans for the features that will be produced on the F-150 REEP (range-extended electric power-train) of the truck are as follows:
  • A gasoline engine that is normally aspirated – Ford 2.0L, 4-cylinder that will power 82 kW (peak) Remy DC generator.
  • Two drive motors that are 82 kW (peak) Remy DC that run on 320V and will deliver as much as 400 N:m (295 lb-ft) of maximum torque.
  • With the use of Li-on Manganese oxide polymer cells, a 25 kWh battery pack provides the storage of energy that is needed.

A saddlebag configuration is how the battery pack was uniquely assembled to fit just under the bed of the truck. It offers consumers a total range of 755 kilometers, which is 469 miles, and it also features a 52 mile or 84 kilometer range that is all electric. When the vehicle is in the mode of charge sustaining, it features 32 miles per gallon US (7.35 L/100km).

The electric system that is range-extended adds about 200 lbs or 91kg’s to the total net weight of the vehicle. John Thomas, ALTe CEO says that the ranged-extended electric power-twin of the Ford is as good as or better than the power-train that was originally installed in the 4.6L V8 Ford vehicle. Another benefit of the pickup is that its towing capacity is 6,500 pounds or 2,948 kg.

Thomas also states that when it comes to the business aspects of the company, they are conferring with a variety of major CEOs and Chairmen of various OEMs. These discussions were a result of introductions that were made by the board members of ALTe. Many other retail chains are also conferring with ALTe about becoming a partner as one of their nationwide installation centers.

As stated by John Thomas, “At the end of the day, we might be the firm that offers Freightliner, other OEMs and their customers the REEP solution to compliment the current BEV product offerings in the field”.

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