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GM’s new mountain mode update

Posted on May 18, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | Write a review

So we are all set to enter the world of Hybrids and with GM’s electric powertrain engineering the battle is already half won. The director of GM’s hybrid engineering, Larry Nitz had recently announced a Volt calibration drive on mountains. Larry said that the new model would be much more sporty than its previous model, and Volt would also have a mountain mode operation. The driver could select the mountain mode operation; this would surely ensure that the battery has more reserve than the general. This can be used while in an extended range mode.

According to Nitz, the engine can generate over 55 kilowatts of power, the engine is downsized. The electric motor in the car can provide 110 kilowatts that heavily relies on the power that it needs from the battery. When the car is being pulled in a steep high acceleration in the mountains, it could deteriorate the overall speed of the vehicle. In such cases, the driver of the car can put the car in a mountain mode to accelerate the speed of the vehicle while climbing long steep grades. This should be done before you actually start driving on the hill, do not wait until the time you actually start on the hill. Putting the car in the mountain mode while it is still in its EV mode it would set the battery for charge and this will generate the power to raise it the higher levels. This phenomena, would allow motor to utilize the buffer power created to climb on the mountain more vigorously.

In the cases, where the car was already powered when the car was selected it will allow itself to move to a higher level than the normal mode. The company experts say, that the EV range of the car would be reduced if mountain mode is selected while the EV mode is still active. The mountain mode can be turned off any time the drives wants to get in to normal mode. The feature would be available in the first Volts that are going to be launched at the end of the year. When the car is moving down in a steep slope, the batteries would be able to fill in all the kinetic energy produced. The new Volt has 3 factors involved that would be 3 Ts including the terrain, temperature and the technique.

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