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Honda Civic to Introduced the Lithium Batteries

Posted on February 02, 2011 in Green News | Write a review

The Honda Company recently announced the use of the Lithium batteries in the line up production in the ‘Honda Civic” models for the year 2012. It was obvious that the Honda Motor Company were going to use these Lithium batteries in the Civic model, as they have already announced the concept at Motor show. The planning of introducing the Lithium from the nickel is better concept. But are you aware of that what is actually benefit and why they have plans so? If your answer is no, then we are here to let you the importance, rather benefit of using lithium batteries in Hybrid cars.

Talking about the use of lithium batteries, then definitely it is best fuel we can say that can change the whole scenario of the car industries. Practically, these batteries are more capable because of the low cost compared with the MPG gas. The decision made by Honda is commendable and benefits will be outstanding. But where and how much it will cost is not yet determined.

The concept to change the scenario in the automotive industries by replacing all conventional cars to electric or hybrid cars is the moto of the company. They are ready in order to the line up production of using Hybrid batteries in all cars those are coming in the upcoming years. The Honda Company are more interested and are flowing in the direction by introducing Lithium batteries and are planning to crash the nickel soon.

The Blue Energy and GS YUSA are in the joint venture who will supply the lithium batteries for not only Honda Civic Hybrid cars, but for upcoming models in Green cars. There is hug space for the electric and hybrid cars and this is the reason why the Honda looking forward for such unique concept in their models. By the 2015, all conventional cars will definitely going to take place by either electric or Hybrid cars, as said by the President of the Honda Motor Company.

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