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How do Electric cars work

Posted on July 28, 2010 in Electric Vehicle

The world of green cars have bought us several options, the most prominent of them all are the hybrid cars and the electric cars. Some may wonder as to what exactly goes on to run an electric car after all how and what is the functioning that is so different from the usual cars. In a common laymen terms, I have like to say that electric car is the one that works on electric motor and battery. An electric car does not use a gasoline or a diesel engine. The exteriors of an electric car are no different than the usual gasoline cars, it is only while it is running that you will know that its an electric car as there is no engine noise rattles like in the case of other usual cars.

The powertrain in an electric car is made up of three different components: electric motor, controller and the batteries. The electric motor gets its power to run from the controller and the controller gets its power from batteries, batteries are charged from an outside electrical power source to function the whole electric car unit. The electric power train works in a complete different manner than the usual power trains, the accelerator pedal pressed in a car signals the controller in the car to provide the said voltage to the motors from the batteries. The controller acts as an on/off switch for controlling the functions of the car. When you press the pedal, the power is sent from batteries to the motor of the car. The speed control would require you to continuously press and release the accelerator; this could be a little inconvenient option for user/driver of the car.

The controller acts like a gate that opens the gate when the speed parameters suggests it to open. When you press on/off of the accelerator, it turns a potentiometer that sends the message to the controller how much power needs to be sent to the motor. The controller than pulses the power at the correct rate signified by the potentiometer. Most of the electric cars uses two potentiometers, the controller in the motor system checks whether both are off and when it does sends equal amount of signals. This is especially useful to avoid any danger type of situation. All the batteries of electric cars are charged fron an outside external power source, the charging time of each batteries depends on the capacity of the vehicle and the outlet from where you may be charging it. The standard 120v outlet gives over 1.5 kw per hour of charge.

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