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Hybrid batteries to improve Diesel emissions

Posted on January 12, 2011 in Green News

Many automotive industries have kept an eye and believe that introduction of the “new” technology for the most advanced fuel cells and batteries, are going to leave the “old” mechanism of diesel and gasoline techniques in dust. The point that is to be expected how and when the rise and introduce of such technologies will actually gain the whole hand in the automotive industries. If such things will go on same track, as expected then there is no longer way when Hybrid batteries will be in great demand. It was observed that not all companies are standing still on the hybrid concepts, which may further results in pushing the new technologies closed in one envelope with out actually realizing the importance of those Hybrid batteries.

The Panasonic one of the best known for the introduction of the Hybrid batteries concept in the many vehicles such as Toyota Prius, which has helps to reduce the diesel emission pretty cool. Even though there are new models that are taking the place in European and American market as electric cars and hybrid cars, the filter technology of the Panasonic alone has fulfilled many engines improvements. The catalyst that is been used in the Panasonic’s called alkali-metal compound will be replace to 80% from the expensive platinum, which is quite useful as in a filter form. Considering the cost of the Platinum alone, it may raise up to $250 to $350. In addition to this, the introduction of the new formula helps the Hybrid batteries to consume quite less energy, which further results in lowering the temperature. The new device that has been added to the Panasonic is quite similar by offering same durability as we have seen in the current catalysts.

The introduction of the new catalysts is one of the first products in the automotive that has been developed by the Panasonic subsidiary. The Panasonic system that are been introduced with such samples will be shifted to all suppliers and car makers across the world.  The goal of the company’s is further to put the new technology in to the mass production until 2012 , that will lead the Panasonic revealing one of the world’s best supplier in producing the Hybrid batteries and to burn the diesel technology.

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