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Is it Hybrid or Diesel, you are thinking of?

Posted on May 17, 2010 in Hybrid Vehicle, News

There are lots of talks happening all over the globe whether someone should opt for a diesel or a hybrid category of vehicle. It was comparison test that stated in Autocar between the three diesels and one gasoline Alfa. The hybrid car taken into consideration was CR-Z hybrid. The results of the comparison showed that the diesel cars were better at giving a good mileage while the hybrid was placed at the fourth position. The gas Alfa was located at the last place. According to the car lover enthusiasts, they went on to say that if they would have taken Toyota Prius, it would have overpowered all of the other and to some extent it is true. The comparison was told to be unfair if viewed from different angles, the test overlooked varied aspects because the mileage a car gives is just not the only factor that determines the over all costing.

Even if they would have considered Prius and it would have been better at giving a competition, the car would have surely failed in its sportiness prospects. This is a kind of a trade off and some drivers would not just be willing to make. You can compare the actual costs of the vehicles based on the technologies that are being used in the cars, a prius could cost anyone $23,000 while the diesel cars would cost $30,000 plus. The difference can surely be overlooked looking at the working of the cars. The Golf GTD diesel is the only one that would make a good comparison to the prius and CR-Z and it is capable of beating Honda by 0.2 miles per gallon.

Most of the time the economical choice of choosing the car depends very much on the area where you live. Gas is cheaper in US so it ideally makes sense for some of the drivers to go for Hybrid cars that can give them greater relief in the future. Most of the parts of Europe has relatively cheaper diesel than the gas so it finally depends on the place you live. It gets a little difficult to point towards only one technology that can be proved right; both have their own advantages. Whatever technology you use hybrid or a diesel; both are highly efficient in comparison to any gasoline engine. Most of you would agree with me on this, the debate is going to continue as they have equal amount of advantages.


Prius Cars are cool cars. I prefer to buy one but it seems they are manufacturing very few quantity. Hybrid cars need regular batter charging which I feel is a drawback since it may take from 3 hrs to 6 hrs for full charging. However advanced technologies are coming up with battery efficient ones. Until that time comes , diesel cars can continue to rule the roost. Thanks for posting.
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