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Jay Leno happy to go green

Posted on May 07, 2010 in Green News | Write a review

It doesn’t matter on which side you take on to the whole Tonight Show host fiasco, but deep down everyone loves Jay Leno as well as his wide motorcycle and cars collections, isn’t it right? Furthermore, you have to admire his appreciation and support towards the green vehicles technologies such as plug-in hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volts and Aptera, respectively. He even has the turbine-powered, bio-diesel sipper EcoJet Supercar. It doesn’t end here about the automobiles’ patron saint. The website is very famous and every automobile crazy fan drools over it. Jay’s garage also displays few very serious green, even by standards of California, credentials.

The Big Dog Garage idea of four, side by side, structures that covers 25,000 square feet and home to over 300 motorcycles and cars was envisaged by Jay, in 2006, when he decided to fix 270 solar panels as well as wind turbine. The most amazing thing except the cars and motorcycle is the renewable continues supply of free energy. The electricity bill now is almost nil. During fall days, when the Santa Ana winds blow, they even sell energy to the California electric grid.

Jay’s dedication in greening the garage does not stop at energy expenditure. Aerosol cans full of carb and brakes cleaner are gone. In their places does a compacted air tank be similar to a propane container for a backyard grill. By compressing air in it and using it over and over again, makes less propellant cans to throw. Even, in order, to save water, the small army of engineers does not use water to clean their hands; in its place, they use waterless hand cleaners. Like this, they are preventing draining the chemicals into the city’s water system and polluting it. Jay leno is very happy with changes happened within the automobiles industry and mostly they are green technology which is taking place.

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