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Low cost lithium-ion strategy of Honda hybrids

Posted on May 10, 2010 in Green News, Honda

Whilst the towering cost of the next generations of the lithium-ion batteries is been viewed as an obstruction for adopting the pure electric cars, the lithium may possibly act as a key for making the conventional hybrids additional affordable. In addition Bloomberg reported at the moment that Honda, which is regarded as having focus on the hybrid marketing strategy and on making of the hybrids just about as reasonably priced as the gas-powered cars, moreover it is quickly moving for putting the lithium batteries within the Civic Hybrid as well as its various other hybrids.

Honda in addition hopes that the shifting of its technology of hybrid battery up to the lithium-ion that packs additional power within a smaller space, by means of the help that the company would be gaining as an advantage over the Toyota. Other than this shifting to the lithium batteries, the Honda has planning of increasing its hybrid production for the small cars as well as large cars moreover for introducing the Acura luxury hybrids.

The latest safety troubles of Toyota have as a result created an occasion for various other producers of the hybrid cars. In addition, the hybrid sales of Honda have been going down in few of the recent years. On the other hand, February 2010 the sales of the Civic Hybrid as well as Honda Insight increased by 37 percent as well as 54 percent in that order, when compared with the sales of the earlier month. Furthermore the sales of the quite popular Toyota Prius has been dropped by around 6 percent in the month of February, even though this model even today dominates the hybrid markets of US as well as Japanese. Koichi Kondo, who is the executive vice president of Honda have informed Bloomberg that the Honda are capable of putting lithium-ion batteries within the Civic Hybrid, that too within the subsequent two or else three years.

By distinguish, Toyota also believes that the lithium batteries by no means justifies the higher cost, as well as that the existing technology of hybrid battery, the nickel metal hydride, which is regarded as the best suited for the numerous conventional hybrids. In addition the company has arrive up to conclusion that the last fall following conducting 3 yrs of the so-called “secret tests” on almost 126 Toyota Prius’ that are been equipped by means of lithium-ion batteries.

To everyone’s surprise, the Lithium-ion is Cheaper.

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