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Mazda Manufacturers – Second to use Toyota’s Hybrid Technology

Beginning in 2013, the Mazda automobile manufacturers will be counted as the second automakers that will be using the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology of the Toyota car manufacturing company. A licensing agreement has been signed between the two automakers that will provide Mazda manufacturers with needed hybrid equipment such as battery packs, transmissions, power electronics, and needed software for the electronics.

The vehicle that was displayed by Mazda at the Motor Show in Tokyo last fall, which features direct-injected Sky engines of the new-generation will be matched up to the components of technology that will be provided by Toyota Motor Company. The new hybrid that the Mazda manufacturers plan to start building in 2013 will actually be the very first hybrid that they have manufactured on their own. The Tribute, a previous hybrid of Mazda, was actually a Ford Escape re-badge.

Nissan manufacturers that were the first automakers to use the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology of the Toyota automakers has now successfully been able to produce their own design of a hybrid system in-house. When the redesigning of the Altima occurs in the next couple of years, the automaker will more than likely discontinue the current hybrid system of the Toyota Motor Company.

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