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MDI air car – one of the best innovations

Posted on December 08, 2010 in News

MDI air car is one of the best thought out projects regarding alternative fuel cars. There is nothing to lose in this car since it runs entirely on the principle of compressed air. One more innovation is in the way that the MDI air car can run purely on the compressed air or can be blended as a normal hybrid with diesel, gasoline or even ethanol. It also features regenerative braking. These car have fuel tanks or rather air tanks which are used to store air at a very high pressure of 4500 psi. The principle is the same as the yester years steam engine and compressed air when expanded drives the engine pistons.

India’s Tata Motors, the ones who gave the world the cheapest car, the Tata Nano and the new owners of Jaguar Land Rover are amongst the first to suggest the prototype of the MDI air car. However this was showcased as a concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. 2 years down the line, we are yet to receive any official news from Tata Motors on this. They have developed an all electric concept of their much famous hatchback, the Tata Indica and are already running street legal versions of it in Norway. Starting 2011, the car would be launched across the world. It is said to run 200 miles on a single charge.

It is said that the current technology involving compressed air is not that efficient and there would seriously be range problems. Plus the fact that storage of the same would also be a costly affair. Not much research has been done until now for this and we are hoping that eventually this plan becomes a success. A recent news said that the MDI air car would be a reality in the streets by end of 2011. Now, that’s really a glad news to come by. The car design in itself states that it is futuristic. It would most probably be a 2 seater much like the Maini Reva or the Mercedes Smart. What is more striking is the absence of a fuel filler cap and some cork in its place for sealing the compressed air. Safety aspect has been also taken care of by designing the compressed air holders with carbon fiber material. This material would be in shatters when there is a hard impact collision however it wouldn’t have a shrapnel effect. As it is air doesn’t catch fire and so that aspect troubling many hydrogen engines has been effectively taken care of. It is said that the refueling for the car can be done through fuel fillers at home or even separate stations for the same. The time taken for a refill would hardly be 5-10 minutes and the range is said to be about 100 miles for a tankful. An ideal tank of compressed air would be about 8-9 gallons. This is the benchmark that every manufacturer is trying to beat and so far none have been successful.

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