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Multi-Air Technology Featured in the new Fiat 500

The sleek style of the Fiat 500 certainly draws attention of many consumers, but that certainly is not the only feature that will spark people’s attention. A powerful two-cylinder engine will also be featured on this powerful automobile, just like the original cinquecento of Fiat. Consumers can expect to see the Fiat’s 500 model sporting the TWIN-AIR engine that will be available in the beginning of September.

Fiat’s multi-air technology is used in the making of the TWIN-AIR engine and an electro-hydraulic valve management system is featured on the engine, which helps to efficiently control the intake of air through the use of the inlet valves. It also performs this action without the use of the throttle. There is a variety of 900 cc TWIN AIR engines that Fiat plans to release, and they will range from those that provide 65 horsepower, to models that are supercharged and provide 105 horsepower.

Fiat’s new TWIN-AIR engine has successfully taken downsizing to the next level, and this was achieved with the combination of the use of the turbocharger and the small displacement engine featured on the 500. One benefit that many consumers will find to be a favored advantage is the fact that the car provides less fuel consumption, as well as decreased emissions, while still providing the performance of an even larger engine. The torque is increased to a maximum level because of the turbocharger, and this is especially true in low rpm’s, giving a fantastic response.

85 horsepower is provided with the supercharged version of the Fiat 500, which ends up being 15 more horsepower than what the 1.2-liter 4-cylinder of the base model that is currently being used, can provide.

In selecting the new 500 that the manufacturers of Fiat is producing, the amount of CO2 the vehicle emits is more than 30 percent less than the base model, and it also provides the huge benefit of using 15 percent less fuel. This is achieved through an improved control of combustion, fluid dynamics and that have been optimized, fine tuning, excellent efficiency of thermo-dynamics, and a low friction level of the internal parts. The friction has been reduced so much that the engine has become known as being the best in the world when it comes to the department of friction.

The manufacturers wanted to make sure that the noise, the vibration, and the harshness or NVH was adequately addressed since the engine is only a 2-cylinder. The goal for the 500 was to provide its own unique sound and performance that is comparable to that of a 4-cylinder. Whether you are at an idle, or you are driving at the car’s peak power, the balancing countershaft is able to effectively provide vibration levels that are optimal.

You not only receive more power and efficiency with the TWIN-AIR, but it is also weighs about 10% less, and is about 23% shorter than the original.

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