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Myths about Hybrids

Posted on April 19, 2010 in Hybrid Vehicle | Write a review

There are lots of talks going on around the corner about the hybrid cars. So if you are thinking of buying a hybrid car and just listening to talks around, it might confuse you even more. The world is always divided by two or more opinions about the one topic, and so do the new generation cars are facing. Few people say hybrids are just trends which will pass away and few people believe hybrid to the solution for increasing price on fuel. There are few myths too which people aren’t aware of, and here is a list of it, to help you know the facts about hybrids.

Hybrid cars are the same as electric cars

It’s not true at all. Hybrid cars run on two power source: combustion engine and rechargeable NiMH battery. Whereas electric car runs only on electricity. The hybrid gives extra mileage and is more dependable than electric cars.

You are guaranteed to cut down money with a hybrid car

It depends on your use, whether you drive on highway or in city. The within city use its good as in traffic jams, it switches to battery power and to power the speed the energy switches to the combustion of fuel.

A hybrid car’s battery pack can run flat

Hybrids car are now installed with latest technology like start-stop. When it is stopped, it does not idle but recharges its battery to start again for moving. As far as battery running flat goes, it does not happen.

A hybrid car’s rechargeable battery pack survives only for 2 years

The hybrid manufacturers now give eight years of guarantee for the working of battery pack. If that would be then nobody would buy it in first place.

Even if I am out of fuel, I can still go on on the hybrid car battery

Don’t forget the battery pack in hybrid cars is a secondary source of energy. Even if you run out of fuel, the car will go on but for certain distance. After the battery is drained completely, the hybrid car will stop running.

Conventional car dealers will be out of business because of hybrid cars

Hope so that happens soon, but it won’t happen so soon. Hybrids are that low cost for many people, so not everyone could afford hybrid car. Sp there are many people who will take time to join in the rush of hybrids.

Hybrid cars will only save you about 88USD every year

Yeah I have heard about it too, but I am myself unsure about it. As there are many different manufacturers making different hybrids models, it’s difficult to comment on it. So if you want to buy hybrid then you have to do research on it.

There are cons and pros to everything so it’s upon us how we perceive it. So buying a hybrid is completely your decision. Don’t hear other peoples verdict make your decision and decide whether it’s cost effective to you or not.

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