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Nano-Sized Microcar to be Produced at Hyundai’s India Operations

Posted on April 09, 2010 in Hyundai

United States consumers have not yet been able to take advantage of the super low price tag on the Tata Nano, priced at $2,500, but the popularity of this incredibly priced super-economy car has helped a great deal in putting Tata Motors parent company on the international map in regards to economy car productions. Although the Nano provides consumers with many other benefits, the surprisingly low price tacked onto the vehicle is the biggest reason for this recognition. In some areas such as India it has made it possible for even more families to be able to afford the purchase of a dependable economy car.

Hyundai’s India operations have had some unnamed sources lately that have been speaking about the plans that the Korean company will be in charge of the research and the development of the 800cc. The goal is to provide countless consumers with the production of a microcar that is similar in size to the Tata Nano. It has also been heard to the vehicle will carry a United States price tag of $4,400, or in India, two lakh rupees.

IAB has stated that the H800 project will be a sub-110 ride attached to a very low cost. This economy-sized vehicle will feature an 800cc engine for power, and their plans are to make sure that it is comparable in price to the microcar of SAIC, the Tato Nano, and the Alto that is manufactured by Suzuki. Other sources have stated that the Hyundai India operations plans to have a prototype in working order to be tested in the real-world atmosphere as soon as the middle of 2010. The building of the vehicle is said to take place near Chennai in the Sriperumbdur factory, where other vehicles such as the Verna, Accent, i20, i10, and the Santro are being produced.

It is hard to imagine that the Hyundai manufacturing company will keep the sales of this super-economy car just in the India area, and it is expected that they will also emerge into other areas such as Brazil, Africa, China, and Asia.

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