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Nissan leaf – Green name is enough

Posted on November 12, 2010 in Nissan

A car of eco friendly nature which is not crucial to environment and also a car which have a soft heart towards environment is called as ‘Nissan leaf’. The electric engine of this motor is setting tradition which is similar to ancient aspect of work and that aspect is none other than being polite and soft towards the environment. Here we can see a clear cut scene, where a hand in hand walk is reflected. The walk of technology and environment which is a older concept but designed and brought up in a newer and convenient way named N-Leaf. Some have proved that  Nissan Leaf electric car is the best in the auto market where as many have experienced that this is not the best  electric car but a Best Car…

Isn’t it a statement of silence which makes a big and remarkable noise? So, the answer comes ‘yes’, it is! This is not only the car of expertise or innovation but this is truly a car of perfection which is very hard to get and feel in the E world of Nissan Leaf electric car. The power of the car to generate lower carbon dioxide is not as surprising as it seems to be as this is a car of E world which has to have a face of fuel efficiency at the greatest in it. The Nissan lea will work on the E factor where the transmission is not taken into consideration. Whether it is automatic or manual both are exempted by being used in this unified model of this unified category of the auto market. The plug-in chargeable capacity powers the batteries which are said to be the main source to generate power by this vehicle. Because of the batteries the vehicle can be called as battery boosted vehicle of e tech world, but it is also a fact that the batteries are the main powering source of this unified leaf of the Nissan Motor Company.


Type: laminated lithium-ion-manganese battery

Total capacity (kWh): 24

Power output (kW): over 90

Energy density (Wh/kg): 140

Power mass (kW/kg): 2.5

Number of modules: 51

Charging times: quick charger DC 50kW (0 to 80%): less than 31 min; home-use AC200V charger: less than 8.5 hrs

Battery layout: Under seat & floor areas


Type: AC motor

Max power (kW): 80kW

Max torque (Nm): 280Nm


Height: 1556 mm / 61.3 in.

Length: 4446 mm / 175.8 in.

Width: 1769 mm / 65.7 in.

Wheelbase: 2700 mm / 106.3 in.


Driving range over: 163km/109miles (US LA4 mode)

Max speed (km/h): over 140km/h (over 93mph)

Thus Nissan Leaf is the powerful technological vehicle of this E tech world where power full transmission is seen with higher performance and speed factor. Hence the world of technological is now said to be blessed as the green leaf of Nissan is now into the auto market and areas…

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