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No German subsidies for Electric Car

Posted on May 20, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | Write a review

According to the automotive reports, Germany is not planning to take any plunge in providing subsidies for purchase of plug in vehicles. This was stated in the National Program for Electric Mobility at Berlin that the federal funds would instead be transferred towards the research and technological developments. The national program has already provided over €500 million in over 150 projects. Allowing the federal funds for technological developments is a better option rather than saturating the money in current battery technology in which lots of countries and organizations are involved.

The vehicle electrification is a more viable option than providing any funds for getting EVs on the roads. The money that goes for research purposes would directly help for technological developments to make the future cars more appealing and affordable to the common laymen. The next generation of tomorrow would be better equipped with more devices to get electric cars available to people with the money that is already invested in future technologies. It is sad news for all the automakers who were wishing to get some incentives for doing some market research over the next few years.

According to the German environmentalist, the benefits of the electric cars to the environment are very minimal so it does not make any sense to plunder their treasuries. One of its aid said that the electrification is not going to bring in any subtle change in the manner in which the cars would be used, as not much people would have money to buy them. According to their reports, they say that electric cars would pollute the environment as much as other types of cars do. The critics point out that electric car does not give much benefit if seen from the practical point of view.

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