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Relatively to European price, VW’s Touareg hybrid car will be sold in less price in U.S.www

This German technology automaker, Volkswagen, had last month launched its second generation hybrid powertrain. The Volkswagen Touareg hybrid was launched in Geneva Auto Show where it gained limelight for completely new interiors as well as features. The Volkswagen’s diesel car lovers won’t be disappointed as the hybrid powertrain has V6 TDI engine. Undoubtedly, the price would be high as compared to other models of VW but less than V10 diesel model.

The prices for the VW Touareg hybrid powertrain will be announced before the sale which is expected in the fall. As VW’s diesel SUVs are most liked and sold in U.S., Touareg hybrid which is also a diesel car is expected to do good sales in market as its Touareg TDI V6 did which was launched last year. The price of the new Touareg is U.S. is said to be less than the Europe price. And many features of the Touareg hybrid won’t be available for the U.S. consumers. The VW’s Touareg hybrid is expected to gain, at least, 5 per cent in the hybrid cars market of U.S.

What has new Touareg Hybrid stored for you?

The hybrid Touareg has 3.0 liter gasoline with 8 automatic transmissions. The V-6 engine’s fuel economy gives the 375 horsepower and 427 lb-ft of torque. Though the car is loaded by the electric engine, driver wouldn’t even notice the smooth transition to electric power from gas, where V-6 takes place.

Another advantage of new Touareg is the clutch setting where, while cruising in the hybrid car one can run it up to the speed of 99 mph without switching from electric power.

Though being 400 pounds lighter and improved fuel economy, still the car gives on road feeling by its wheels. At present, many hybrid and plug-in vehicles are using electric power steering, as well as new Touareg. The electric power steering in Touareg is the only flaw in the car which gives road like feeling. However, it’s just a penalty in driving an eco-friendly mid-sized SUV.

The VW hybrid Touareg has an optional TDI engine. So there is nothing to worry about for the diesel car lovers. The main reason to do so, to attract customers as most of the VW’s diesel SUVs are in great demand. Still no exact figure can be commented about with expensive parts installed in it like TDI and V-6 engine.

Though the body style of the new Touareg is crossover to previous SUVs, its front look is more aggressive and masculine as well as it is little wider and lower. The vehicle being wide, gives the passenger sitting back have extra legroom about two inches.

The car is has lots of tech in use, but not all is going to come in U.S. the hybrid has start-stop function as well as dynamic bi-xenon lighting. As the Land Rover has a Camera installed in front of the car, VW also provide the same facility.

As the sale begins in Europe, the next stop would be U.S. for the new Touareg Hybrid car. It is expected to start most probably in November and three powertrain are expected to put on display for U.S costumers.

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