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Renault delivers super hot electric – DeZir

Posted on August 04, 2010 in Renault

According to the company plans at Renault, it is soon going to start selling their electric Fluence and Kangoo sedan in the markets of Europe and Israel by the year 2011. The company has come up with its various plan for electric vehicles that will rave up the markets for all ZE in future. The latest performance oriented DeZir coupe is two passenger car that debut in the 2011 paris auto show. The latest electric DeZir will use the same synchronous as that of Renault’s ZE cars. The new DeZir is said to boost over 150 horsepower and the car drives through its rear wheels. The electric motor in the new DeZir is located in the middle of the car to give a balanced weight on both ends. The torque levels in the new machine stands at 167, the new electric can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds. The car weighs over 1830 pounds and the Kinetic energy recovery system helps the car to recoup that helps to store the braking energy.

The 24 kWh lithium ion batter is mounted vertically and is located behind the bench seat that provides the range of over 100 miles. The similar type of battery was used in Nissan Leaf because of their alliances. The new DeZir can be charged in three ways and it takes over eight hours to fully charge the batteries using the conventional household plug method. You can use the fast charge options that will need a 400 volt three phase that will help the car to be charged by 80 percent in just 20 minutes. The new car comes with a Quick drop capability feature that helps to drive the vehicle in battery exchange facility. The body parts of the new DeZir is made by using Kevlar body panels for keeping the machine weight down. The chassis and the suspension of the new machine are based on Megane trophy race car, the varied features of the new DeZir includes an aerodynamic and efficient body having a drag co-efficient of 0.25. The wheels arches can accommodate 21-inch wheels. The interiors of the new machine are truly impressive and interesting that has it cues attached to fighter aircrafts, there are no rear windows, amongst in existence are the two rear facing cameras that gives you the panoramic view of the behind of the car.


This is truly the Hot and electrifying product of Renault. The blood red car that is exposed here is having greater attraction to pull the car lovers. Delivering 150 horsepower makes the car a mixture of thrill and utility. I am quite anxious and curious to have this car. Hats off to the technicians and engineers of the company as they have created one of the wonder in the form of DeZir.

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