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Reva Car The New Concept For Green World

Posted on November 26, 2010 in Green Cars | Write a review

Reva is the first eco friendly car of Indian auto market which has the potential to serve the E tech needs and requirements. Reva car is manufactured by the Reva electric car company private limited located in Bangalore. Lesser emission of carbon dioxide and greater level of fuel efficiency are the two main aspects which are highly reflected in this motor. The very first model of Reva was manufactured in the year 2001 which has been successfully rated at the highest as far as the lower rate and higher fuel economy is concerned. Reva is available in different trim levels and transmission sizes due to which calling this motor as technologically blessed E tech car is not a bad option.

This is a unique and small size car which has no gear, no clutch factor in it that in turn serves with greater speed and smoothness in the drive to the driver and as well as to the passengers. The greatest advantage of owing and possessing an E tech car is its fuel economy which serves with Rs. 0.40 paise per km so for this don’t you agree that this is a deal of benefit rather than calling this as a deal of compromise. Reva car can be easily charged for continuous 8 hors where it takes only 7 hours to charge the car up-till 100% capacity but it is also a fact that only two and a half hours of charging can make this unique vehicle 80% charged which runs for 40 miles at this percentage capacity. The low battery alert light makes the driver alert about the cars remaining battery power and the comfortable seats also make the passengers to travel with higher comfort and ease factor in the drive.

This is a car which has two adult and two children seating capacity which has the capability to bear the pay load of 230 kg and above it a little weight can be managed up-till some extent. This motor is powered with high torque of 52 Nm with air conditioner induction motor which has 3 phase 14 kw peak point. The batteries are made up of high quality materials where the durability and battery management system plays a lead and safer role as the portable and user friendly charger which is easy to use also make a mark.

Such amazing and lavishing touch of technology is reflected in this unified motor of Reva motor company which charges a reasonable rate to buy this model of auto market. Its cheaper cost and user friendly nature have stilled the attention of larger crowd and audience in the auto market. Reva car even has the potential to serve highly convenient green tech vehicle to the customers where they will not have to compromise on the part of comfort and speed in the drive. This can even be called as a miracle motor which saves fuel and emits lesser carbon dioxide which is offered at lower cost, higher convenience in search and spacious yet compact size.

From this we can say that Reva car is a technical yet powerful and affordable vehicle of green concept.

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