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Reva ‘Next-Generation G-Wiz EV’ Pilot Production is being Rescheduled

The production of the Reva NXR, which is otherwise known as the next-generation G-Wiz electric car is being delayed because of feedback that Keith Johnston, Reva’s president of European operations, is listening to and taking into consideration. The feedback that was received from the Motor Show in Frankfurt when the NXR was premiered, has obviously been very convincing that a delay should take place for approximately one year. The company is also paying close attention to what they are learning from the General Motors India location.

The fourth quarter of 2010 has now been set for the production date of the electric vehicle that tops out at 65 miles-per-hour, and deliveries of the vehicle are schedule to begin in the early part of 2011.

The changes that will be made are unclear. However, Johnston made the statement saying ” We decided that there were simply too many good lessons to ignore.” The company plans to address changes that need to be made, and they will be reviewing plans that have been set for additional charging stations and the options that will be available for recharging of the electric vehicle. The company believes that “the delay actually has some benefits to our customers.”

The NXR model that will be manufactured will be the company’s first M1 vehicle, and the launch is expected to take place in 25 different countries. To be able to provide consumers with a successful launch, they simply want to take the needed time to listen and take into consideration each of the benefits that will ensure a successful launch occurs.

To be fair to consumers, the company is also offering to return any deposits that have been made by customers on the NXR. However, many of the customers that have already placed a deposit have no problems in waiting for until early 2011.

The goal of Reva is to provide the public with an electric vehicle (EV) that is affordable and efficient, that features all of the latest technology that is available.

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