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Eco Driving – Vehicle and Environment Friendly

Posted on January 25, 2011 in Green News | No Comments
Eco Driving – Vehicle and Environment Friendly Eco Driving the term itself give you and idea which is related to the ecosystem and environment that not only suits your vehicle. It makes the drive in order to reduce the green house emission gas, fuel consumptions, noise levels and accident rates. Hence there is quite positive impact for both driver as you and as well as for the environment. As the prices for the petrol are on the rise, it is more important to save the cost on the fuels, also how to maximize mpg in vehicles is been considered by many drivers and hence you will come across many companies who are more in producing the eco friendly vehicles in the industry. Green driving or Eco Driving is all about the need reduce negative impact which is been created on the environment through the  [...]

Eco cars has environmental approach

Posted on November 24, 2010 in Green Cars | No Comments
Eco cars has environmental approach A concept to develop a highly usable and environmental motor is into the market as a new breed of Eco cars are into consideration. The eco motors are the one which has the power to emit lesser carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which in turn can help the atmosphere in a greater manner. Initially when the motor concept was introduced in this world there were different specifications of the same as compared to the one which is developed today. Focus on safety, comfort and convenience was placed in the previous scenario where as the aspect of focus is changed as now it is been placed on the part of eco friendly nature. The environment is at greater disadvantage by the auto industries and also due to the motors for this we have to reduce the use of this technologically blessed product of  [...]

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