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Batteries now fairly better for your Electric Cars

Posted on March 29, 2011 in Green News | Comment now
Batteries now fairly better for your Electric Cars Just recalled the time when the phones were similar to the shoe size in the early 90s. It was just because of the battery that was been inserted and that to offer only 30 mins of talking time. Isn’t it strange? Today we can talk for 3 continuous hrs without getting disconnected by the charged batteries, isn’t? As the advanced technology developed we are getting ample amount of luxurious facilities and this we can see the steady and slow progress is going to change the total scenario for the Green Car Industries. NO doubts, the advancement of advanced batteries are going to take place quickly, but we can definitely see changes from the previous one. Before this there were advancements made in order to come up with small batteries for less space, but this got stopped when NASA demanded  [...]

How do Electric cars work

Posted on July 28, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | 1 Comment
How do Electric cars work The world of green cars have bought us several options, the most prominent of them all are the hybrid cars and the electric cars. Some may wonder as to what exactly goes on to run an electric car after all how and what is the functioning that is so different from the usual cars. In a common laymen terms, I have like to say that electric car is the one that works on electric motor and battery. An electric car does not use a gasoline or a diesel engine. The exteriors of an electric car are no different than the usual gasoline cars, it is only while it is running that you will know that its an electric car as there is no engine noise rattles like in the case of other usual cars. The powertrain in an electric car is made up of three different components: electric motor, controller and  [...]

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