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Savior in this Rising Price of Fuel – HEV

Posted on April 12, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
Savior in this Rising Price of Fuel – HEV Amidst the chaos of recession as well as rising price of fuel and increasing level of air pollution, have gradually grown the popularity of the hybrid cars. The hybrid cars are very good option in this rapidly rising prices and cost cutting schemes. The hybrid cars run on two different sources of fuel which helps in reaching the consumers need to drive extra mile as well as saves money on ever-rising fuel price. The two different sources of fuel help to run vehicle efficiently as well. Hybrids car has many different types, but the most common one is the gas-electric hybrid. Commonly known as the hybrid electric vehicle, and for short HEV, runs on internal combustion engine of gasoline, also known as ICE, with the help of electric motor fixed separately. To run the hybrid  [...]

Discussion of Future Electric Vehicle Plans for Audi

Posted on April 05, 2010 in Audi | No Comments
Discussion of Future Electric Vehicle Plans for Audi Michael Dick, Audi board member in charge of development was recently interviewed by the staff of Fourtitude, and some statements that were made about the future of Audi concerning electric vehicles are listed below. Part of manufacturers electric vehicle plans involves the Audi A2. It is unclear what form this automobile may come in because it could be an extended-range electric vehicle, an e-tron model, or one that features a hybrid power train that is advanced. No matter which form Audi chooses, you can be sure it will be one of these options.   [...]

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