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A New Way to Spark Your Interest in Electric Vehicles, the ‘Voltex’

Posted on March 23, 2010 in Electric Vehicle | No Comments
A New Way to Spark Your Interest in Electric Vehicles, the ‘Voltex’ There will come a time when society will look back on one of mankind’s greatest achievements as being the production of the Electric Vehicle (EV), for the purpose of replacing gasoline powered engines. There are numerous different factors that have finally caused many of us to take a look at the technology of the electric car, a technology that has been within our grasp for over 100 years now. Just a few of these factors include smog, oil prices that continue to skyrocket, and global warming. For a replacement such as this to take place and be successful however, there are countless consumers that will need to be educated with all of the facts and the benefits that surround the electric vehicles, as to how they would be much more beneficial to use than gasoline powered vehicles.  [...]

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