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Take a first look on Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle

Posted on February 01, 2011 in Green News, Honda | Write a review

The bottom line for the Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle is a amazing to drive with its extra quality features. It is one of the vehicle that is been compressed with natural gas i.e. CNG. The GX model is been introduced in the Honda Civic Car because of the fleet sales that is increased in the states of US. The retail price value and the natural gas vehicle will be selling in New York, California, Oklahoma and Utah markets. The GX models will be manufactured through the Indiana plants with the Green production in the conventional Honda Civic vehicle.

Keeping beside the two things, the first you will lose up half of the gasoline range in the car that will be filled with natural gas fuel in the Honda Civic GX model providing 180 miles. If the proportion of the natural gas is been extended the car can run up to the 400 miles but with the combination of gasoline mechanism. The next thing is you will lose two third of trunk space that is been offered in the standard civic model. As the presence of the fuel tank takes much place, so that place will be replaced with the natural gas trunk.

Besides these the natural gas are one of the easiest and best alternative fuel that cane be use for fueling in the cars and this is the reason why the Honda Civic GX models offer. Originally the car was introduced with 1.6 L fuel tank with I4 engine, but in the year 2001 the model was been replaced with 1.7 L and in 2006 with 1.8L. But with the GX Natural gas vehicle, the impression and appearance of the Honda Civic was changed and hence it offered an distinguishable and outstanding performance that is quite equivalent with the gasoline engine.

At present Honda is the only company who are in to the production of the Natural Gas Vehicles and the moment it will be taking huge place in the market by its excellent performance. The best things about the car is that you cane do Home Fueling in addition to appliance name Phill Home Refueling. The unit is been attached to the commercial gas or home gas that compresses the car’s tank through the attached unit for refilling. For this the unit require power source of 240 V with 800 watts when it is been charging.

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