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Teaser Sketches of Valentin Technologies Gives a Sneak Peek of 170MPG IngoCar

Posted on March 26, 2010 in Green News | Write a review

Valentin Technologies gave the public their first sneak peek of the IngoCar they are producing on March 1st in Elm Grove, Michigan, and it has been said that the 4-door 5-seat vehicle has innovation overflowing. Ingo Valentin, the company’s founder made the comment saying “Finally outstanding performance and extremely high mileage are combined in a mid-size passenger car.”

The IngoCar boasts as much as a whopping 170 miles per gallon that is achieved through the use of a hydraulic-fluid drive that is revolutionary. Just as exciting, is the fact that it can run at 60mph in as little as 4 seconds. The way this system works so efficiently is the accumulator receives fluid by the use of a small gasoline engine. Then, shiftless acceleration is achieved from the hydraulic wheel motors being driven from the fluid. During braking of the vehicle, the recuperated braking energy is pumped back into the accumulator from the reversal of the motors. Because of the innovative technology that is used in combination of the light weight of the vehicle, it produces as much as 1K miles from a full tank of 6 gallons of fuel.

Occupants of the vehicle also benefit from a protection system that is created by using hydraulics. This is achieved because there are hydraulic bumpers that are constructed into the structure of the car and can absorb dangerous impacts that are up to as much as 40 miles per hour. Handling characteristics of the car provide excellent maneuverability because of the gravity centered low and the central placement of the accumulator. Its small size and the drive system also play a part in the extra space of the front and rear trunks which provide 24 cubic feet of space. The passenger area is also very spacious.

Responsible for the styling of the vehicle, deisgnD’s Davide Tonizzo stated “Ingo wanted an image that reflected the car’s performance and its low emissions. The words athletic and friendly inspired the design.” Tonizzo also states “It was important to give the car appeal. While we wanted an efficient aero design we didn’t want to overdo the aeronautical character and create an airplane for the road.” The IngoCar sports the best in modern styling with distinctive lines one the side-panels that are Venturi-inspired.

This company has made a strong name for themselves in the new development of power trains for automobiles. They have over 15 years of experience in working with leading manufacturers in production development, which attest to the expertise that they provide to the field.

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