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The first battery powered Golf by Volkswagen

Posted on May 24, 2010 in Electric Vehicle, VolksWagen

It is seriously good news for Volkswagen lovers, as the company is soon planning to deliver its first batch of 500 Electric cars that works exclusively on battery-powered golf. The German transport minister Dr. Peter went for blue e-motion drive on May 1 with VW board member Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. The new batch of Electric cars would be deployed at the start of the next year for customers’ trials all around Germany.

The new electric concept Golf is completely working on its base current model MK VI Golf. The model was converted with 26.5-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and 85-kilowatt traction motor. This particular combination in the new version is said to provide a good range of over 90 miles. The very first of Volkswagen Electric battery powered cars will be launched in the early 2013. These small city version cars would soon be followed by battery-powered versions for the next versions of Golf and Jetta. Volkswagen china is strongly working on E-lavida currently.

Dr. Hackenberg of Volkswagen board, announced that the new Blue motion would be the first electric powered car on European roads, this would be a remarkable change in the era of electric vehicles, he stated. He announced that they would shortly unveil e-golf, fleet for customer trials soon. The new E golf comes with an integrated engine at the front giving an output of over 85 kilowatt and 115 Ps. The car does not make any sound. This electric motor car provides a torque of 270 Nm unlike other electric vehicles. Volkswagen is surely trying to be at the top of all such niche models that are available currently in the markets all over the globe. The company wants to make its mark in the field of sustainable automobiles and this provides a double advantage as the plans by federal government of Germany states to bring in over a million electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2020.


Volkswagen is undoubtedly a top brand amongst luxury vehicles. The launch of electric cars from the company is to be applauded for bringing our environ friendly brands. In fact people trust any car manufactured from this company, such is their trust value. Hope this will a good happy beginning towards a greener future ahead! thanks. Bill

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